Fortnite Tornadoes And Lightning Explained

Fortnite Tornadoes And Lightning Explained
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Coleman Hamstead


15th Jan 2022 18:52

Fortnite tornadoes and lightning are the newest addition to the Fortnite universe. With the release of the V19.01 update, these fierce weather encounters have begun to occur across the Fortnite island. But how do Fortnite tornadoes and lightning work and where do you find them? This guide will explain everything there is to know about Fortnite tornadoes and lightning.

Fortnite Tornadoes and Lightning: How Do Fortnite Tornadoes Work?

Fortnite tornadoes explained
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Fortnite tornadoes appear in-game as giant grey twisters that slowly swirl across the landscape destroying any terrain or buildings in their path. While the tornadoes' appearance is intimidating, they can't actually do you as a player any harm.

When you get up close to a Fortnite tornado, you'll be lifted up into the sky by its raging winds. With your newfound aerial boost, you can choose to glide up and away to the destination of your choice. If you hang out in the twister long enough, you'll eventually get spat out in a random direction. You will not take any fall damage upon landing out of a tornado.

Fortnite Tornadoes and Lightning: How Does Fortnite Lightning Work?

Fortnite Lightning explained
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Fortnite lightning is marked by a dark grey cloud looming in the skies. When you approach the cloud, the entire sky around you will begin to get dark. While inside the storm, lightning will begin to strike at random points.

Lightning strikes will catch the surrounding area on fire as well as deal a small amount of damage to any players it hits. On the bright side, lightning strikes will grant you a temporary speed boost if you are unlucky enough to be struck by a bolt.

Fortnite Tornadoes and Lightning: Where To Find Fortnite Tornadoes

Fortnite Tornadoes spawn randomly on the island. There is no set pattern to determine when one will show up or where it will appear. Additionally, Tornadoes are not displayed on the map. If you want to find a Fortnite tornado, you'll have to hunt it down with your own eyes.

As an ode to Fortnite's new extreme weather encounters, a special Tornado Week will run until January 17 at 2 PM GMT. During Tornado Week, tornados will appear at a much higher frequency than normal. This will give the Fortnite community a chance to get accustomed to the new climate.

Fortnite Tornadoes and Lightning: Where To Find Fortnite Lightning

If you're in pursuit of Fortnite lightning, simply look to the skies for a dark cloud. Dark clouds mean lightning is imminent. Head towards the cloud and enter into the storm.

Once inside the storm, position yourself at either the highest land point under it or jump into a body of water. Lightning is attracted to water and high points, so these areas are the most common spots for lightning to strike.

If you do get struck by lightning, rest assured that you'll be immune from further strikes for a duration. Lightning doesn't strike twice back-to-back. Both Fortnite tornadoes and lightning are disabled in competitive playlists, so keep this in mind if you're looking to encounter these intense weather events or avoid them altogether.

Fortnite tornadoes and lightning are running rampant across the island as we speak. Hop into a match right now to experience the weather chaos.


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