Best Fortnite Squid Game Codes

Best Fortnite Squid Game Codes
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22nd Oct 2021 14:40

All sorts of Fortnite Squid Game codes have begun to pop up as the South Korean survival drama trends across the globe. With the mass success and widespread popularity of the Squid Game television series, it only makes sense that Fortnite players would replicate the action with some in-game recreations of the Squid Game contests. The following Fortnite Squid Game codes showcase the best of what the Fortnite Creative maps can offer.

Fortnite Squid Game Codes: What Is Squid Game?

Just like Fortnite in its early days, Squid Game has taken the world by storm. The survival drama television series set in South Korea is breaking Netflix records at an unprecedented pace. Over 142 million households have tuned in to watch Squid Game in the show's first four weeks.

Squid Game is a nine-part series, the premise being a group of 456 contestants gather together to compete in children’s playground games for a massive cash prize. The twist? Failure in any of these games results in death.

The Squid Game participants are all in a rough spot in life, so winning this life-changing money is of the utmost importance to them. The experience of witnessing these desperate humans fight for survival in classic schoolyard kid’s games has gripped the general public and led to Squid Game’s extraordinary reception.

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Best Fortnite Squid Game Codes

Squad Game: 8443-5747-3271

Squad Game is the name of this Squid Game inspired map created by PWR, Lachlan "Lachlan" Power’s esports organisation.

Squad Game has everything you could want in a Fortnite Squid Game map. Just like the show, Squad Game starts off with a life or death game of green light/red light. From there, Fortnite players will be taken through a gauntlet of children’s games from the Squid Game show. The Dalgona Candy honeycomb game, odds or evens, the glass bridge, and more are featured in this Fortnite Squid Game code.

Squad Game supports up to 40 players, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Octo Game: 1898-3233-1949

Similar to the Fortnite Squid Game code posted above, Octo Game runs Fortnite players through a series of different kid’s games taken straight from Squid Game. In order from start to finish, Octo Game features:

  • Green light/red light 
  • Honeycomb
  • Lights out 
  • Tug of war 
  • Stepping stones 

Failing during any of these games will result in elimination. Octo Game culminates with a final pickaxe battle in an enclosed area between the last players standing.

The Lab Games: 9684-5332-0845

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The Lab Games Fortnite Squid Game map is interesting in that instead of directly copying games from Squid Game, The Lab Games features a collection of original minigames. The games in the Lab Games aren’t exactly like the contests in Squid Game, but they are similar in nature.

The Lab Games Fortnite Squid Game map comes with four different minigames included. Up to 16 players can participate and each player has one life. Like in battle royale, the last player standing at the end of the games is crowned victorious.

Sypher’s Squid Games: 7268-0342-8131

Last but not least, we have a Fortnite Squid Game code created by none other than popular Fortnite streamer/creator Ali “SypherPK” Hassan himself. SypherPK’s Squid Game map is the most barebones one on this list, featuring just the two games of greenlight/redlight and lights out, but it’s still a solid Fortnite Squid Game code.

Sypher’s Squid Game supports up to 50 players and can be played with random matchmaking, making it an ideal Fortnite Squid Game code for large parties and Creative Mode public matches.

Fortnite Squid Game codes are popping up everywhere, so it can be hard to narrow down the best options. While there's sure to be a few hidden gems out there, this list contains the undisputed best Fortnite Squid Game codes offered in Fortnite Creative Mode.

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