Fortnite Shield Keg: How To Find And Use The Shield Keg

Fortnite Shield Keg: How To Find And Use The Shield Keg
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Joseph Kime


5th Jan 2022 16:02

The Fortnite Shield Keg is a great new addition to the long list of fresh items to come to the game. Chapter 3 has been a treat for Fortnite players so far offering a wealth of new goodies to play with, and this new item is likely to be a mainstay for full squads. But how exactly do you use the Fortnite Shield Keg, and where can you find it? Here's our guide to Fortnite's new Shield Keg.

Fortnite Shield Keg: Where To Find The Shield Keg

Shield Kegs are rare items, so they might not be as frequently appearing as you might hope - however, you're not going to have to stay in one area to find them. You can find the Shield Keg in loot chests all over the map, as well as having a high likelihood of appearing in supply drops. Its rarity is similar to that of the Shield Potion, so feel free to take it in place of those.

Alternatively, if you're itching to give the item a go right out of the gate, there are a couple of NPCs who will sell them to you in exchange for some gold bars. Lt. John Llama and The Scientist will gladly part with some of their own, with them being stationed to the southwest of Logjam Lumberyard and West of Sanctuary respectively.

Fortnite Shield Keg: How To Use The Shield Keg

Fortnite Shield Keg Guide - How To Find And How To Use The Shield Keg
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The Shield Keg will restore 100 total shields to anyone stood in its radius, as long as they're willing to wait there for the full 10 seconds it takes to run out. It's much more potent than the typical Shield Potion at the same exact rarity, so it could be with picking it up for your squad, especially if you wanted to share the love as you would with a Chug Splash.

All you have to do to deploy the item is aim at the area you want to plant it, and pull the right trigger to deploy it. It will begin dispensing shields immediately, and you can reap its rewards sharpish.

That's all you need to know about Fortnite's new Shield Keg - get out there and grab one for yourself! Wondering how many people are playing Fortnite? Find out in our Fortnite player count guide.


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