Fortnite Reality Saplings: How To Plant And Summon With Reality Seeds

Fortnite Reality Saplings: How To Plant And Summon With Reality Seeds
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Coleman Hamstead


6th Jun 2022 15:57

As we enter a new season of Chapter 3, many are stuck wondering how to plant and summon Reality Saplings using Reality Seeds in Fortnite. Reality Seeds and Reality Saplings are new in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 and reward those who care for them with top-tier loot. This guide will overview Reality Seeds and Reality Saplings, including where to find Reality Seeds and how to plant and summon Reality Saplings using Reality Seeds in Fortnite.

What Are Fortnite Reality Seeds and Reality Saplings?

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Reality Seeds and Reality Saplings are brand-new to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. When planted, Reality Seeds grow into Reality Saplings. 

Your Fortnite Reality Sapling will grow in the same exact location every match, with weeds sprouting around the sapling. Clean up the sapling by removing the weeds and the Reality Sapling will bear loot. Reality Saplings will produce better loot each harvest until eventually, the Reality Sapling will deliver a piece of Mythic loot.

You can only have one Reality Sapling alive at a time. If you plant another Reality Seed, your existing Reality Sapling will be summoned to the location of the newly planted seed.


At the end of a Reality Sapling's life cycle, it will wilt away and leave a Reality Seed in its wake. Sow the left-behind Reality Seed to begin the process anew.

The Map will reveal the status of your Reality Sapling, including when it's time to weed it again.

Where To Find Reality Seeds In Fortnite

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Fortnite Reality Seeds spawn from Reality Seed Pods, which are exclusive to the Reality Falls point of interest (POI). You can find Reality Falls on the west side of the Island, South of Rave Cave and north-west of Greasy Grove. This new location is visually stunning and hard to miss, considering the grandiose size of the blooming Reality Tree in the centre.

Reality Seed Pods look like purple bulbs and grow all around the Reality Tree. Wack one with your Pickaxe and Reality Seeds will pop out.

How To Plant And Summon Reality Saplings Using Reality Seeds In Fortnite

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To plant a Reality Seed, hold and release the fire button/key to throw the seed. Wherever the Reality Seed lands, that is where your Fortnite Reality Sapling will grow. 

To summon Reality Saplings, toss out a new Reality Seed while you already have a Reality Sapling planted somewhere on the Island.  Your existing Reality Sapling will get summoned to wherever you just planted the new seed.

One of the Chapter 3 Season 3 Zero Week Quests tasks players with planting or summoning Reality Saplings using Reality Seeds three times. To do this, you'll need to get your hands on three Fortnite Reality Seeds. Plant one of the Reality Seeds, then throw down the other two to summon the Reality Sapling. 

Show off your green thumb to earn 15k XP toward the brand-new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass.

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