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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
award-nominated editorial team

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Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 Mythic Items Tier List

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 Mythic Items Tier List

Written by 

Coleman Hamstead


24th Sep 2020 16:00

Mythic items have become a staple of the Fortnite universe. The playerbase continues to be fed a steady dose of Mythic items dating back to the infamous Infinity Blade. As one may expect in a Marvel-themed season, Chapter 2 - Season 4 has featured more Mythic items than we’ve ever seen before. Halfway through the season and we already have a cast of twelve different Mythic items.

With so many sets of Mythic items going around, many in the community want to know which specific Mythics are the best. Do you hunt down Wolverine’s Claws? Or opt for Thor’s Mjolnir Strike instead?

In this piece, we rank all twelve of the Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 Mythic items. Use this information to build an inventory worthy of taking down Galactus himself.

S Tier - Iron Man’s Unibeam, Wolverine’s Claws

Iron Man’s Unibeam

Topping off the Chapter 2 - Season 4 Mythic item tier list we have Iron Man’s Unibeam. The Unibeam is a devastating beam of energy that shreds through builds and opponents alike. Iron Man’s Unibeam deals an insane 90 damage per shot in standard modes and 150 damage per shot in the Marvel limited-time modes (LTMs). The charged-up laser can one-shot opponents at a great distance with one stroke. Ask any Fortnite player what they fear the most, and the answer is likely Iron Man’s Unibeam.

Wolverine’s Claws

Wolverine’s Claws is the second Mythic item worthy of our S tier. Unlike Iron Man’s Unibeam, Wolverine’s Claws are restricted to close-range combat. Still, they are one of the most powerful items in the game.

Wolverine’s Claws literally tear opponents to shreds at close-range. It’s almost impossible to escape when you have a player on top of you slashing with Wolverine’s Claws. Even sweeter, Wolverine’s Claws grant the Spin Slash ability. This ability will turn the player into a damage-dealing whirlwind.

Wolverine’s Claws' only downside is the lack of range. This is negated by the Air Dash ability that comes with them. Players can quickly dash through the air at a rapid speed. This can be used to close gaps or dodge enemy attacks.

To top it all off, players will regenerate health while wielding Wolverine’s Claws. It’s safe to say this is one of the most powerful Mythic items of the season.

Fortnite Mythic Items Tier List

A Tier - Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets, Groot's Bramble Shield, She-Hulk's Jump Smash

Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets

Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets provide a relentless assault of plasma. The Gauntlets are capable of firing off plasma balls that deal 35 damage a hit in standard game modes. Additionally, the balls have the potential to deal area-of-effect (AOE) damage and chain to other players in the vicinity.

Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets also comes with the Arcane Jump ability. Players can temporarily fly through the air. This is just added utility on an already strong Mythic item.

Groot's Bramble Shield

Groot's Bramble Shield effectively serves as a get out of jail free card. When used, players transform into a ball of brambles, similar to the now vaulted Ballers. While inside, players can roll around freely, destroy builds, and even regenerate health. It's a reusable, more powerful version of the Baller.

While the Bramble Shield is incapable of dealing damage like other Mythic items, its insane utility and defensive capabilities vault it into the A tier.

She-Hulk's Jump Smash

She-Hulk's Jump Smash rounds out the A tier. She-Hulk's Jump Smash works strikingly similar to Wolverine's Claws. It's extremely strong close-range and great for applying pressure. She-Hulk's Jump Smash also provides passive healing to the user.

However, She-Hulk's Jump Smash is just not as good as Wolverine's Claws. While users have the ability to jump, you'll be stuck in place upon landing. This leaves the user vulnerable to attacks. Furthermore, She-Hulk does not have a burst of speed ability like Wolverine's Air Dash. This Mythic item is quite strong but has its downsides.

Fortnite Mythic Items Tier List

B Tier - Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets, Venom’s Smash and Grab

Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets

Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets are just a worse version of Doctor Doom’s Arcane Gauntlets. These gauntlets have auto-aim included but deal a measly 20 damage a hit. This is the same damage as a pickaxe swing.

Like the Arcane Gauntlets, Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets have a movement ability called Boost Jump. Boost Jump can launch players high in the sky, but the ability has a longer cooldown than Doctor Doom’s gauntlets. As such, the Repulsor Gauntlets are simply middle-of-the-pack in terms of Mythic items. 

Venom’s Smash and Grab

Venom’s Smash and Grab is here purely for its potential in combos. Pair it with Wolverine’s Claws or She-Hulk’s Jump Smash, and you have an SS tier rated combo. Venom’s Smash and Grab works as a Grappler on enemy players. Players hit by the ability will be pulled in close to the user. From here, a few swipes of Wolverine’s Claws and it’s back to the lobby for your opponent.

By itself, Venom’s Smash and Grab is just average. Paired with other Mythics, and its potential skyrockets.

Fortnite Mythic Items Tier List

C Tier - Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb, Silver Surfer's Board, Thor's Mjolnir Strike

 Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb

Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb is the poor man's version of Iron Man's Unibeam. Mystical Bomb takes a second to charge and then unleashes a giant ball of plasma on unsuspecting opponents. While it can deal AOE damage more effectively than the Unibeam can, the Mystical Bomb does not compare in overall power.

Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb has a slow travel time and also deals less damage than the Unibeam. This would be fine if Mystical Bomb was easier to hit or had other utility — but it doesn't. 

Silver Surfer's Board

Silver Surfer's Board acts as an infinite Launch Pad. When used, players will be sent high into the air with the option to glider redeploy. This ability is great utility, but that's it. Without any offensive capabilities, Silver Surfer's Board just can't compete with some of the other Mythic items. However, high ground is king in Fortnite, and Silver Surfer's Board will take you there.

Thor's Mjolnir Strike

Thor's Mjolnir Strike is cooler in concept than it is in action. Using Mjolnir, players can call a strike of lightning down from the sky. The lightning will deal considerable damage to any opponents standing under it when it strikes the ground.

Unfortunately, this is where Mjolnir Strike falls apart. The lightning strike is easy to notice and easy to dodge. Any player that's slightly aware of the situation will dodge the strike with ease, especially so if they have access to one of the other Mythic movement abilities. Mjolnir Strike is only useful on unsuspecting players. It's basically a worse version of the vaulted Junk Rift.

Fortnite Mythic Items Tier List

D Tier - Black Panther's Kinetic Armor, Storm's Tornado Launch

Black Panther's Kinetic Armour

Black Panther's Kinetic Armour is better in the movies than it is in the game of Fortnite. When activated, Kinetic Armour will absorb 50% of incoming damage and then blast it back in the area surrounding the player. This just isn't that useful or effective of an ability.

First of all, you still take damage. It's not like the Kinetic Armour protects the user entirely like Groot's Bramble Shield does. On top of that, the absorbed damage is only reflected back in a small area. Kinetic Armour users will have to stack right on top of their opponents if they hope for a return on their investment. It's a nice concept, but Black Panther's Kinetic Armour just doesn't stack up to the competition.

Storm's Tornado Launch

Storm's Tornado Launch is a hybrid of a few other Mythic items. Tornado Launch will carry the user into the sky along with propelling enemy players backwards. Additionally, Tornado Launch can block incoming damage, similar to Groot's Bramble Shield and Black Panther's Kinetic Armour.

Unfortunately, Tornado Launch's role is better filled by other Mythic items. Silver Surfer's Board is better for mobility, Groot's Bramble Shield is a better defensive Mythic, and anything else is better offensively. Storm's tornado Launch is a very niche Mythic item with limited scenarios in which it's ideal to carry.

Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fortnite news, guides, features, and more.

Images via Epic Games

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