How To Ride Animals In Fortnite

How To Ride Animals In Fortnite
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8th Jun 2022 15:24

The ability to ride animals in Fortnite is new in Chapter 3 Season 3. We've been able to tame animals for a while in Fortnite, but now, you can actually take control of the wildlife and ride them like mounts. Dream of being a hog rider or a wolf whisperer? Find out how to ride animals in Fortnite.

How To Ride Boars In Fortnite

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Mounting a Boar is relatively easy. Simply jump on the Boars back and you'll take control of the animal. Alternatively, those that know how to tame Boars in Fortnite can calm the beast down and then interact with it to take the reins.

While atop a Boar, you can still build, edit, and shoot as you would on your feet. Boars are smooth to navigate and can charge, providing a temporary speed boost until they tire out. While in their charge state, Boars can blast through walls with 150 HP or less.

You're immune to fall damage while riding a Boar in Fortnite, but the Boar itself will take damage if you leap from too high up. If your Boar loses health, you can heal it with Chug Splashes, a Campfire, or by feeding it Meat from other animals.

How To Ride Animals In Fortnite: Boar Locations

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Looking for a Boar to ride? Boars hang out primarily in the Mountains and Grasslands biomes. You won't find any Boars in the hot desert habitat, and they rarely wander into the lush forest of purple trees and mushrooms that surrounds Reality Falls.

Rave Cave, The Joneses, and Shifty Shafts are choice locations to hunt for Boars. At Shifty Shafts, in particular, you'll find a Boar pen that holds multiple swine within it.


How To Ride Wolves In Fortnite

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The process of riding a Wolf in Fortnite is nearly identical to that of riding a Boar. Approach the Wolf and leap on its back to claim it as your mount. Wolves are naturally more aggressive than Boars, making it difficult to land directly on their back at times. If this happens, you can always calm the Wolf by feeding it some Meat.

There aren't too many differences in how Wolves and Boars function as rideable animals. Instead of charging like Boars, Wolves can sprint. Besides that, you can expect Wolves and Boars to operate in a similar fashion.

How To Ride Animals In Fortnite: Wolf Locations

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Wolves are less common than Boars, and when you find them, they're usually hunting in packs. For the most part, Wolves patrol the Grasslands biome, occasionally wandering into the Mountains.

The area surrounding The Daily Bugle is undoubtedly the best place to look for Wolves. Wolves are prevalent along the highway that wraps around The Daily Bugle.

Few things rival the joy of charging into battle atop a Boar or a Wolf. Use the contents of this guide to learn exactly how to ride animals in Fortnite.

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