Fortnite Computer Terminals And Mole Team Drill Sites: How To Interact With A Computer Terminal At A Mole Team Drill Site

Fortnite Computer Terminals And Mole Team Drill Sites: How To Interact With A Computer Terminal At A Mole Team Drill Site
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20th Jan 2022 13:08

Fortnite computer terminals and Mole Team Drill Sites both play a role in one of Chapter 3 Season 1: Week 7's Seasonal quests. Fortnite's antagonists, the Imagined Order (IO), are back and they are setting up shop at Mole Team Drill Sites. We as players must locate the Fortnite computer terminal at a Mole Team Drill Site and interact with it to satisfy The Seven and complete the seasonal challenge. Here's how.

What Are Fortnite Computer Terminals?

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Fortnite computer terminals are anchored devices located exclusively at Mole Team Drill Sites. When approaching a computer terminal, you'll get an option to begin a scan. 

Following a scan, every enemy, wildlife, and chest in the nearby vicinity will be highlighted for you to see. It works like a Flare Gun but with a much larger radius. For a few seconds, you'll essentially have a UAV revealing the location of every notable target in the surrounding area. After a scan at a computer terminal, there's a one minute cool down before you can perform another scan.

What Are Fortnite Mole Team Drill Sites?

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Fortnite Mole Team Drill Sites are landmarks on the Artemis map occupied by the Imagined Order. Dr. Slone and the IO are working to dig to the surface of the Flip Side and regain control of the Zero Point. IO Guards patrol these Mole Team Drill Sites and aggressively defend against anyone that attempts to put a halt to their operations.

On the bright side, Mole Team Drill Sites are home to top-tier loot in the form of IO Chests as well as access to computer terminals.

Fortnite Computer Terminals And Mole Team Drill Sites: Mole Team Drill Site Locations

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As of this writing, there are only three Mole Team Drill Sites on the island. However, two more Mole Team Drill Sites will be added in the coming weeks, bringing the total to five.

The Mole Team Drill Sites that exist currently include: 

  • Mole Team: Omega
  • Mole Team: Ryder
  • Mole Team: Dash

Mole Team: Omega is located just east of Logjam Lumberyard. Mole Team: Ryder sits south of Greasy Grove near Haven's Oasis. Finally, Mole Team: Dash can be found east of Sleepy Sound.

The locations of the last two Mole Team Drill Sites, Mole Team: Epsilon and Mole Team: Raven, have not yet been revealed.

How To Interact With A Computer Terminal At A Mole Team Drill Site In Fortnite

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Interacting with a computer terminal at a Mole Drill Site is simple. Head to the Mole Team Drill Site of your choosing and look for the computer terminal. The device will be sitting under a tent by an IO Chest. If the computer terminal is eligible for a scan, the screen will be green. If not, the computer terminal will have a red screen with a countdown on it.

Approach a computer terminal with a green screen and interact with it to begin a scan. This action will complete the accompanying Week 7 Seasonal quest.


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