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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
award-nominated editorial team

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Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 Challenge Guide: Week 3

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 Challenge Guide: Week 3
Epic Games | Fortnite.GG

Written by 

Coleman Hamstead


24th Jun 2021 14:49

Aliens have invaded the Fortnite world and changed our lives as we know them. But one thing remains the same: challenges. Completing challenges is the best and most efficient way of earning XP in Fortnite. Players will need this XP to acquire Battle Stars, the currency used to unlock items in Chapter 2 - Season 7’s Battle Pass. Ignoring challenges will make it near impossible to unlock Season 7’s signature skins like Rick Sanchez and Superman.

Now that we’ve harped on the importance of completing challenges, let’s get into the details. Each Week 3 challenge grants a substantial 30,000 XP. Completing all Week 3 challenges will grant players an enormous 360,000 XP. As you can see, these challenges are not something you want to miss out on.

Earn extra Battle Stars and get a head start on your friends as we guide you through an in-depth breakdown of every single Week 3 challenge and the best course of action for completing them.

fortnite chapter 2 season 7 week 3 challenge guide

Epic Quests

Dance near a lit Campfire (1) - 30,000 XP

Campfires are spread all across the Fortnite island. Players can light these Campfires to slowly regenerate the health of any player standing nearby.

Refer to the image below for the location of all Campfire spawns. Visit one and light it. With the Campfire burning, perform any emote to complete Week 3’s first Epic Quest.

all campfire locations in fortnite

Catch fish at fishing spots (5) - 30,000 XP

There are dozens and dozens of fishing spots throughout the many bodies of water around the Fortnite map. These fishing spots tend to hold high-quality fish and loot. Some of the fish players can find in these spots include Floppers, Slurpfish, and the Mythic Goldfish.

While players will find fishing spots around most bodies of water, our favourite spot to fish is the river west of Lazy Lake. This river is home to a plethora of fishing spots - plus there’s a Campfire and a bunch of Fishing Rods on the nearby dock. Grab a rod, reel in five fish, and collect your 30,000 XP.

Destroy Boats (3) - 30,000 XP

Craggy Cliffs is the place to go if you’re in the mood to demolish some watercraft. There are multiple boats washed up on the shore in front of the big garage on Craggy Cliffs’ eastern beach. Use your pickaxe to destroy these boats. Players can then head inside the garage and find even more boats fastened to the ceiling.

Destroy any three of the many boats at Craggy Cliffs to complete this challenge.

glide 20 metres while holding a chicken

Glide 20 Metres While Holding a Chicken (20) - 30,000 XP

This challenge is a throwback to Chapter 2 - Season 6. Raptors and Wolves may be gone, but the Chickens from the primal season are still around.

Chickens appear randomly around the island, but the east side of Pleasant Park near the Blue Steel Bridge seems to be a common spawn point for them. 

Chase a Chicken down and grab it. With the Chicken hoisted over your head, take a few leaps around the area. This challenge will complete once you have glided 20 metres while holding the Chicken.

Finish in the Top 10 (1) - 30,000 XP

Keeping things simple, this next challenge requires players to finish a match in the top 10. No fancy items to collect or places to visit, just play a match and be one of the last ten teams alive.

This challenge can be completed in any game mode, giving way to a sneaky strategy that ensures you always finish top 10. In Team Rumble, there are only two teams. This means that your team is guaranteed a top 10 finish by default. Play a match of Team Rumble and enjoy the bonus XP.

Travel Between Porta-Potties (1) - 30,000 XP

On the outside, Porta-Potties look like a normal mobile bathroom. However, some of these portable restrooms are actually secret passageways. Fortnite players can enter certain Porta-Potties to drop down a tunnel and be shot out at another location.

There are two sets of Porta-Potties at Coral Castle, one set at Corny Complex, and another set at Catty Corner.

Approach one of these white and blue restrooms and interact with it to enter inside. You’ll be shot through a dark tube and exit through a connecting Porta-Pottie. Take one trip through any set of Porta-Potties to complete this challenge.

Use Nuts and Bolts (3) - 30,000 XP

Nuts and Bolts are the new crafting materials introduced in Chapter 2 - Season 7. The Fortnite civilization has evolved from using Animal Bones to craft advanced weaponry, now we use Nuts and Bolts.

The first step here is to gather three sets of Nuts and Bolts. Nuts and Bolts can be found as floor loot, collected from Tool Boxes, and bought from NPCs using Gold Bars. Use a combination of these methods to accumulate three total sets of Nuts and Bolts.

With your Nuts and Bolts on hand, open up your inventory and choose a weapon to upgrade. Any Shotgun, Assault Rifle, or SMG can be upgraded into a Lever Action Shotgun, Burst Assault Rifle, or Rapid Fire SMG respectively. If you don’t have any of these gun types, you’ll need to find one to begin the upgrade process.

Week 3’s final Epic Quest will complete once you have used Nuts and Bolts to craft three total weapons.

Legendary Quests

Get Slone’s Orders from a Payphone (1) – 15,000 XP

Sloane, the leader of the Imagined Order (IO) has some top-secret orders for you. This information is confidential and can only be relayed via Payphone.

Fortnite players must visit one of the fifteen Payphones on the map and accept Sloan's orders. Simply open up any Payphone and speak with Sloan to complete this Legendary Quest.

all payphone locations fortnite

Converse with Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus (1) – 15,000 XP

This week, players must pay a visit to one of the following non-player characters (NPCs): Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus. 

Conveniently enough, all three of these NPCs reside at Believer Beach. Players can find these characters at the following locations:

  • Sunny – On the pier at Believer Beach
  • Joey – In the trailer park at Believer Beach
  • Beach Brutus – On the north-west beach of Believer Beach

Talk to one of these three NPCs to earn a quick 15,000 XP.

Place Welcome Signs in Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake (4) – 30,000 XP

It’s time to make peace with our new alien friends. This challenge asks players to place four Welcome Signs around Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake.

There are ten potential spots that players can place Welcome Signs, but you’ll only need to use four. Search the grounds of Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake for blue translucent holograms of signs. Interact with the spot to place a real Welcome Sign. Repeat these steps until four total signs have been placed.

Place Boomboxes in Believer Beach (2) – 30,000 XP

This challenge works exactly the same as the one above - but with Boomboxes. While you’re chatting it up with Sunny, Joey, and Beach Brutus, be on the lookout for spots that may need a Boombox. Just like with the Welcome Signs, these spots will be represented by a blue translucent hologram.

Place two Boomboxes to knock out another Legendary Quest.

Place Alien Light Communication Device on Mountain Tops (2) – 30,000 XP

It just doesn’t stop! Yet another “place X item here” challenge. This time, players must place Alien Light Communication Devices on mountain tops.

The mountain tops this quest references include Mount Kay, the mountain east of the Apres Ski Lodge, and the mountain south of Retail Row. On top of these mountains will be blue translucent holograms that can be interacted with to place an Alien Light Communication Device. Place two devices on any of these mountain tops to complete the challenge.

Collect Cat Food (2) – 30,000 XP

Week 3’s final Legendary Quest asks players to gather up some Cat Food. Head to the side of Dirty Docks littered with storage containers. Search the surrounding area for Cat Food. Pick up two trays of Cat Food to complete the challenge.

Alternatively, players can find Cat Food inside of the NOMS grocery store at Retail Row.

We’ll be back next week with another edition of our Chapter 2 - Season 7 Fortnite Challenge Guide. Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fortnite news, guides, features, and more.


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