Fortnite Air Strikes: How To Call In An Air Strike On A Tank

Fortnite Air Strikes: How To Call In An Air Strike On A Tank
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11th May 2022 16:42

Fortnite Air Strikes are back in the latest update to Chapter 3 Season 2. To encourage Fortnite players to check out the rediscovered Air Strike, Epic Games has introduced a Week 8 Seasonal Quest revolving around Air Strikes. So, let's go over the Fortnite Air Strike and how to call in an Air Strike on a Tank.

Where To Find Air Strikes In Fortnite

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The Fortnite Air Strike is an explosive utility item of Legendary Rarity. Air Strikes can appear as loot from Chests, Supply Drops, and Floor Loot.

As is the case with most Legendary Rarity items, Air Strikes have only a small chance to spawn. Because of this, it may take you a good bit of searching before you stumble upon one. Try looking for Air Strikes at points of interest with a high density of Chests — like Fortnite Tilted Towers, Command Cavern, and The Daily Bugle.

How To Use An Air Strike In Fortnite

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The Air Strike is a throwable item that activates on impact. Upon landing, the Fortnite Air Strike marks the designated location with a red smoke cloud and proceeds to induce loud sirens. After a moment, a barrage of missiles will come raining down from the sky, inflicting mass destruction on anything or anyone underneath.

The Air Strike lasts for eight seconds and features a total of 20 missiles. Each missile deals 50 damage to players and 400 damage to structures.

Like the Fortnite Anvil Rocket Launcher, Air Strikes are excellent tools for taking out vehicles.


How To Call In An Air Strike On A Tank In Fortnite

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A Week 8 Seasonal Quest tasks us with calling in an Air Strike on one of the Fortnite Tanks. Finding an Air Strike will require a bit of luck — but a Tank — not so much.

As was the case with the Week 7 Seasonal Quest to disable a Tank by damaging the engine in Fortnite, this Air Strike Challenge does not specify that the targeted Tank is occupied. With that said, you can simply call an Air Strike on a vacant Tank to satisfy the Quest.

There are eight Tanks scattered around the Island. You can find Tanks at the following locations:

  • Command Cavern 
  • The Fortress
  • The Daily Bugle
  • Tilted Towers
  • Coney Crossroads
  • Rocky Reels
  • Condo Canyon

Of course, enemy players and IO Guards can both commandeer Tanks. With this in mind, it's entirely possible that you'll encounter a manned Tank plodding around in the wild.

All in all, there are two steps to this Quest: find an Air Strike, then find a Tank to call it in on. Search Chests, Supply Drops, and Floor Loot until a Fortnite Air Strike appears. With an Air Strike in your inventory, visit one of the many Tank spawns around the Island and scout out one of these hard-to-miss vehicles. Toss the Air Strike on top of the Tank to complete the Quest and earn 20k XP toward your Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass and Season Level.

Did you know that Tanks can fly? Find out how to get air time in a Tank in Fortnite.


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