Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Trailers, Gameplay & Everything We Know

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Trailers, Gameplay & Everything We Know
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27th Jan 2023 16:42

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is another remake of the classic Square Enix JRPG Final Fantasy 7, but it makes some big departures from the recent AAA remake released for PlayStation. Ever Crisis is a mobile title that reimagines the timeline of FF7 and the overall compilation that makes up all of the spin-off titles that come as part of its universe, giving players another option to experience the original and its wider universe. So read on to learn everything we know about Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Release Date

It's currently scheduled for a worldwide release sometime in 2022, but we don't yet know exactly when. There will be a closed-beta period before it releases too, so once this drops, it shouldn't be much longer afterwards that we see the full release.  

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Trailers 

The announcement trailer for Ever Crisis came in February 2021, showcasing a lot of the exploration and combat gameplay, and detailing the overall concept of the remake and how its chapter-based gameplay works. The second trailer that debuted at the Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary celebration was also pretty similar, while showcasing more of the key story moments that fans would recognise from the original game. 


Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Gameplay

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Gameplay 1
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Ever Crisis is set to retell the events from the story of Final Fantasy 7, along with its canonical spin-offs, Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus. The game will release in monthly episodic instalments, and players will be able to select various chapters from the timeline in any order they want.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Gameplay 2
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Gameplay-wise, it's very similar to the original, although updated in many ways. During exploration, the game employs a top-down camera and chibi graphics that are designed to emulate the original's distinct style and provide nostalgia to those who experienced it. The combat system is heavily inspired by the active battle system of FF7, with the player and enemies taking turns performing moves, using items, and using special abilities. During combat, the graphics also shift toward being more realistic, with normally proportioned bodies that completely removes the stylised chibi look. 

The game's director, Tetsuya Nomura, has described Ever Crisis as an alternate remake of FF7, allowing him to remake and reimagine the original storylines, while also including new material to expand the characters and world. He's also noted that the spin-offs all included different gameplay mechanics and styles, with Ever Crisis giving him the chance to unify them stylistically into one cohesive experience. 

It's also worth noting that the game is set to be free-to-play, but will offer loot boxes that allow players to earn alternate weapons and costumes for the playable characters. 

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Platforms 

The game is only planned to release for iOS and Android mobile devices at the moment. 

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