FIFA 22 Weekend League Guide: FUT Champions Explained

FIFA 22 Weekend League Guide: FUT Champions Explained
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17th Aug 2021 17:04

The FIFA 22 Weekend League has some changes coming to it compared to last year, offering a new spin on the classic FUT Champions experience. The elite FIFA Ultimate Team tournament, in which the best cards in the game are offered up as rewards alongside a mass of coins and consumables, is turning into a two-tiered event in FIFA 22. We've got everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Weekend League FUT Champions mode right here, including all the changes and how to qualify.

FIFA 22 Weekend League: FUT Champions Changes

Instead of having to grind through Division Rivals every week with your newly-found FIFA 22 FUT Heroes, players will have to qualify for the FIFA 22 Weekend League through the FUT Champs playoffs. Division Rivals points will still have to be notched up in order to qualify for Playoffs, although the assumption is that this will be a reduced rate.

The Playoffs will allow you to compete at your own pace, with an entrance cup on offer throughout the week. Once you have qualified for the FUT Champions Weekend League, or the 'Champions Finals', you will be on track to get those invaluable star rewards (pack and coin rewards will still be on offer through the Playoffs).

FIFA 22 Weekend League: What Is The FUT Weekend League?

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The FUT Weekend League is where all the FIFA 22 big dogs are at. The best of the best qualify for the Weekend League and attempt to hit a higher reward barrier with a certain number of wins.

The untradeable 'Red Cards' gifted through the FUT Weekend League are often a good indication of just how experienced your opponent is, and a keen eye can tell how far your rival has gone through the ranks.

With either the TOTW or any special promotion players up for grabs through the rewards, the FUT Weekend League is one of the best ways to pull in top-tier players without spending a penny - just playing.

Akin to previous years, FIFA 22's rewards for the FUT Weekend League will increase depending on how many wins you get, although this year it appears to be on a points-based system, rather than the number of wins. Through the attached trailer video, you can see 6/10 points are needed, indicating that three points could be on offer per win, and one for a draw, just like real-life football.

So, if you fancy decking out your squad and have your opponents trembling in their gaming chairs before kick-off, the FIFA 22 FUT Weekend League is where you'll need to be.

You can read more about FIFA 22 FUT Heroes on the official website, and keep your eyes peeled on GGRecon for more FIFA 22 guides. 


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