Fall Guys: How To Dive (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC)

Fall Guys: How To Dive (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC)
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27th Jun 2022 16:32

In our breakdown of how to dive in Fall Guys, we'll show you how to effectively make use of the dive mechanic for all platforms. Fall Guys is a special type of battle royale where you play as little jellybean-like characters as you take part in tonnes of mini-games, slowly whittling down the players from 60 to one eventual winner in a final free-for-all event. It's comical, it's silly, it's cute, and most importantly it's fun alone or with friends. So, check out our how to dive Fall Guys guide. 

How To Dive Fall Guys (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC)

How To Dive Fall Guys For All Platforms
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Diving is a universal mechanic you can perform in all mini-games, and it's very useful in many different situations, from performing a well-timed overtake, to getting that extra distance for a platform jump. 

Obviously, the dive button changes from platform to platform. For PC players, you will need to press the CTRL key, for PlayStation it's the Square button, for Xbox it's the X button, and it's Y on the Nintendo Switch. 


Just diving on its own is mostly useless barring some specific situations, but performing a jump before a dive can make all the difference. This is how you get the extra distance that makes it a key mechanic for the obstacle course and racing mini-games. Jumping can be done with the Space key on keyboard, A on Xbox, X on PlayStation, and B on Nintendo Switch. 

That's all for our how to dive Fall Guys guide, and now you know how to perform a dive on each platform, along with its uses.  

Make sure to also look at the Fall Guys mini-games list so you know what might come up. 

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