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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Fall Guys' New Fan Favourite Levels

Fall Guys' New Fan Favourite Levels

Written by 

Coleman Hamstead


7th Jun 2021 16:37

Ever wondered which Fall Guys levels were the most popular? Well, so did the developers. The Fall Guys team held a poll from March 31 to April 6 where the community could collectively vote on their favourite maps. The top-voted maps would then be condensed into a Fan-Favourites show.

The votes are in — did your favourite make the cut?

Fall Guys Fan Favourites

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Big Fans

Big Fans is as the name suggests. Beans must jump and dive their way through a course purely made of giant fans.

Big Fans is a Race round, so only the fastest Beans will qualify. The prevalence of risk vs reward encounters in Big Fans makes for one of the most exciting experiences in Fall Guys. Do you go for that sketchy jump or wait for the next blade to come around? Do you speed things up by travelling the narrow inner ring of the fan? Big Fans can be traversed slowly and methodically or rapidly with enhanced risk.

Successfully jumping from fan to fan is an exhilarating experience. With only three minutes to qualify, Beans are pushed to their limit in this difficult Race. 

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Skyline Stumble

Season 4’s feature Race round, Skyline Stumble’s presence on this list was a no-brainer. Skyline Stumble is the most intricate Race in the game by far. Even the most advanced players may struggle to make it through at times. Futuristic obstacles such as low gravity zones, shooting stars, laser beams, and force-field walls are scattered throughout the length of the course. 

Navigating Skyline Stumble is always an engaging experience. There’s no doubt Skyline Stumble will remain a fan favourite for seasons to come.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites Show

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is one of Fall Guys’ OG levels. Another Race round, Whirlygig, is highlighted by the giant windmill blades scattered throughout the course. 

The Whirlygig serves as a perfect introduction to Fall Guys. Since it’s a Race round, The Whirlygig is oftentimes the first level players will encounter when they start up an Episode. The Whirlygig has a standard version that’s fun for both beginners and advanced players. Plus, Alternative versions of The Whirlygig have been added to spice things up.

The Whirlygig stands the test of time and remains one of the most popular levels in the game four seasons in.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Slime Climb

The notorious Slime Climb may hold a permanent spot on this list. Slime Climb is one of those levels that you either love or you hate. As it turns out, a large majority of players have grown to love Slime Climb.

Slime Climb is unique in that there’s no set amount of players that will qualify. It’s possible to win an Episode on Slime Climb if only one Bean makes it to the end of the course. And that’s not as rare as it sounds; Slime Climb is one of the most difficult levels in the game. There’s no room for mistakes - one small misstep will send your Bean tumbling into the slime and back to the lobby.

Slime Climb has become so popular, that it has an entire show dedicated to it called Slime Climb Time. Here, players can participate in Slime Climb exclusively. As you can see, Slime Climb has become a staple of the Fall Guys experience.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Short Circuit

Short Circuit is the first Race round to ever have laps. Beans race their way around a square-shaped course with four main sections. After completing the course once, players must make another lap.

The multi-lap feature of Short Circuit makes for some super engaging gameplay. The feeling of coming back after falling behind in the first lap is unmatched. Vice versa, it’s possible to choke away the lead and miss qualification if you’re not too careful. 

Released in Season 4, Short Circuit is one of Fall Guys’ newest levels. We’ll have to see how Short Circuit holds up in popularity as more Race rounds of similar nature are released.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites Show

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Freezy Peak

The only Season 3 level to make this list, Freezy Peak is a cool twist on the Race round. In Freezy Peak, Beans must navigate obstacles in order to scale a giant mountain and reach the finish line.

Season 3 was winter holiday-themed, so the course is loaded with ice and giant snowballs. Freezy Peak offers some welcome player choice. There are multiple paths and routes to choose from as you climb the snowy mountain top.

Freezy Peak was a shining light in a season of underwhelming levels.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Hoverboard Heroes

Another Season 4 level, Hoverboard Heroes is a Survival round like we’ve never seen before.

Players begin the level on a massive hoverboard. The hoverboard then slowly moves through a series of obstacles. Beans must follow the hoverboard to the finish line. Falling off of the Hoverboard into the slime at any time will result in elimination.

Hoverboard Heroes is likely popular for similar reasons to Slime Climb. On other levels, mistakes come with little punishment. Hoverboard Heroes is far more intense. One trip into the slime equals instant elimination.

Hoverboard Heroes earns a spot on this list through its unique concept and its thrilling gameplay.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Jump Club

The premise of Jump Club is simple, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Beans spawn on a circular platform and must dodge a couple of swinging beams. The only goal is to not fall off.

Jump Club’s allure is its straightforwardness. There’s no intricate obstacles or complicated paths to take. All you need to do is stay on the platform. This can be done purely with the click of one button — jump.

Jump Club is one of those OG levels from the original season that has stood the test of time.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites Show

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Fall Ball

The most controversial addition to this list, Fall Ball is also the only team game included in the Fan Favourites show.

Fall Ball is essentially a Football match consisting of gigantic balls and miniature Beans. Teams of Beans battle back and forth to score on their opponents' net.

Fall Ball appeals to the players' love for sports. Fall Ball requires some strategy, such as who will attack and who will defend. Jumping and diving at the right time is crucial for sending the ball on a strong trajectory.

Football is the most popular sport in the world, so it’s not hard to believe that players would fall in love with the Fall Guys version of it.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Wall Guys

A Season 2 level, Wall Guys involves scaling multiple increasingly elevated walls. Beans must move blocks of different height to form a path capable of scaling the wall.

Wall Guys is one of the most mechanically intrinsic levels in Fall Guys. Players must utilise the grab mechanic often to succeed. Players must grab to move blocks and grab to climb different blocks and walls.

Wall Guys can be both rewarding and frustrating. Jumping block to block like a parkour wizard is quite gratifying. On the flip side, Wall Guys is known for its trolls. Players will move blocks away, making it impossible for the other Beans to get over a wall. Trolls also love to grab you as you’re about to jump, sending you back down to the ground and likely out of contention. This is the level xQc stream sniped Dr Lupo on.

Wall Guys earned a spot on this list for its interesting combination of needing to look out for oneself while also obstructing enemy Beans.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Hex-a-gone

Hex-A-Gone may be the most popular level in all of Fall Guys. According to a poll held back in October of 2020, it was the clear favourite behind Slime Climb.

Hex-A-Gone is a Final round, meaning the winner earns the sought after Crown. In Hex-A-Gone, players drop through layers of hexagonal platforms. When a Bean touches a tile, it will disappear, sending anyone standing in it down a level. At the bottom, there is a pit of slime. The last player standing above the slime wins.

Hex-A-Gone has been a favourite since the game’s inception. Every round of Hex-A-Gone is different. It’s also one of the most skill-based levels in the game. Luck is not a huge factor in Hex-A-Gone. It all comes down to strategy and platforming skills.

Like Slime Climb, Hex-A-Gone received its own show called Hex-A-Gone Trials. Players could finally play Hex-A-Gone outside of a Final round.

This level will surely be a mainstay on the fan favourite list.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Jump Showdown

Jump Showdown is literally Jump Club in Final round form. The last one standing on the platform wins.

Jump Showdown is nearly identical to Jump Club. The main difference is that the platform breaks apart through the duration of the round, making it increasingly difficult to stay above the slime.

With Jump Club being such a popular level, it’s not surprising that its counterpart, Jump Showdown, made this list as well.

Fall Guys Fan Favourites Show

Fall Guys Fan Favourites - Fall Mountain

Fall Mountain is an iconic Fall Guys level. This level has been in the game since Beta and is heavily featured in trailers and promotional art. Fall Mountain represents Fall Guys at its core.

Fall Mountain is the only Final level that is a race. Beans must sprint up an obstacle-filled mountain and grab the Crown at the top.

Fall Mountain’s popularity probably stems from its simplicity. There’s no real platforming skills or advanced techniques required. Players just run up the mountain and hope to reach the peak first. Fall Mountain is a beginner-friendly Final round that anyone can win.


Looking back at the last fan favourite vote, Skyline Stumble, Whirlygig, Short Circuit, Hoverboard Heroes, Fall Ball, and Fall Mountain are all new additions to the list. These levels replace Tundra Run, Ski Fall, and Block Party. The three levels leaving the list fell out of popularity with the introduction of the new Season 4 levels.


The Fan Favourites playlist is live now! Hop into an episode and enjoy a conglomerate of these popular levels.


Images via Mediatonic

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