F1 Manager 2022 Release Time

F1 Manager 2022 Release Time
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Joshua Boyles


25th Aug 2022 09:30

You'll want to know the F1 Manager 2022 release time if you want to jump into the action as soon as possible. F1 Manager 2022 was announced earlier this year as a management simulator for the high-octane sport. If you've played Football Manager, you'll be familiar with the concept of this game. You'll be allocating resources and having a say in race strategies to win both driver and constructor championships. So, read on to find out the exact F1 Manager 2022 release time.

F1 Manager 2022 Release Time

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The exact release time for F1 Manager 2022 depends on the version that you have purchased. While the F1 Manager 2022 release date is on August 30th, players can get early access if they pre-order the game. That brings the release date forward to August 25th. If you decide to pre-order the game between August 25th and August 30th, you will gain instant access to F1 Manager 2022.

Provided that you have pre-ordered the game, F1 Manager 2022 is expected to release at 15:00 BST (10:00 EDT, 07:00 PDT) on August 25th. This is across all platforms, including PC via Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.


While we know the release time for the early access period of F1 Manager 2022, we don't yet know what the release time will be for the full release on August 30th. It could be that the times are exactly the same, or we could be looking at a midnight release. Whatever the case is, we will update this article when we have the updated information.

That's all you need to know for the F1 Manager 2022 release time. Happy racing!

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