When Will Escape From Tarkov Release?

When Will Escape From Tarkov Release?
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Harry Boulton


14th Sep 2022 11:43

A lot of players will be asking the question 'when will Escape From Tarkov release?' as the game extends beyond five years in early access. As an extremely complex and hardcore shooter, Escape From Tarkov has understandably spent quite a long time in an early access beta testing phase, but that has not stopped many players from becoming dedicated players. So, if you want to know the answer to the question of 'when will Escape From Tarkov release?', then make sure to carry on reading.

When Will Escape From Tarkov Release?

Escape From Tarkov Release details
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While we don't have any explicit release dates, Escape From Tarkov Game Director Nikita Buyanov has stated in recent episodes of Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV that the game is getting close to a full release state.

It is likely that we have at least a few more Escape From Tarkov wipe states, as one of the features that is most critical to the full release of the game is the Streets of Tarkov map, which is still yet to reach the game. 


Furthermore, with the imminent release of the Escape From Tarkov Arena game mode - which puts a stronger emphasis on the more arcade-like aspects of the game - we could see this as a preparation for a shift into a more hardcore experience in the full release of the game.

Will Escape From Tarkov Be Different When It Releases?

Escape From Tarkov Release changes
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It is likely that Escape From Tarkov will take a rather different form from its current state when it eventually reaches a full release. Most notably, the entire task system that has repeated in every wipe cycle will likely be completely scrapped - or at least heavily changed - to become a more story-driven questline that ends in a more open experience. 

There have also been mentions of an expanded hideout system with features like gyms that would improve your strength skills, leaning more into the RPG side of things where your character's ability exponentially increases. 

While it has not been officially discussed, one could very easily predict that the Escape From Tarkov flea market will take a significantly smaller role when the full game releases. You only need to take a quick look at the ever growing Escape From Tarkov flea market banned items list to see that Battlestate Games clearly aren't the happiest with how the flea market affects the balance of the game, so it would not be surprising to see it removed, or at the very least heavily modified in the full release of the game.

So, that's everything we know about when Escape From Tarkov will release, with some further details on how the game is likely to change when it leaves its beta testing period. If you're wanting to jump into the chaotic world of Tarkov though, why not have a read of our how to download Escape From Tarkov guide to get you started.

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