Escape From Tarkov Disease History Therapist Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov Disease History Therapist Quest Guide
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31st May 2022 13:13

The Escape From Tarkov Disease History Therapist quest is one of the trickiest tasks to complete in the game. Like many tasks in Escape From Tarkov, Disease History requires two keys to complete that are very tricky to find. However, this guide will give you all the tips you’ll need to get the Escape From Tarkov Disease History quest out of the way and completed.

Escape From Tarkov Disease History Details

Escape From Tarkov Disease History Helicopter
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To complete the Escape From Tarkov Disease History task you’ll need to head onto Reserve, pick up the two Medical Records, and hand them over to Therapist after extracting safely.

The reward for completing this quest is 7200 EXP, +0.03 Therapist rep, 30,000 Roubles, one Grizzly medical kit, one Ibuprofen Painkillers, and five CALOK-B hemostatic applicators.

Escape From Tarkov Disease History Guide

Escape From Tarkov Disease History Jackets
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The single most difficult part of completing the Escape From Tarkov Disease History task is procuring the two keys needed to unlock the rooms where the medical records live. The two keys in question are the RB-KSM key and the RB-SMP key. Unfortunately, unlike a couple of other quests there is no way to barter for these keys, leaving it completely up to luck whether you find them or not. The ‘easiest’ way to obtain them is to buy them on the Flea Market, but depending on what stage of the wipe you are in it can be extortionately expensive. Your best bet otherwise is to look in the jackets, pockets, and bags of Scavs.


Once you’ve got a hold of the two keys, you’ll want to head over to the White Bishop building by the helicopter on Reserve. Once in the building, head up the stairs to the first floor where you can find the two doors we need to unlock.

Escape From Tarkov Disease History RB-SMP
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For the first Medical Record you’ll need to head to the medical storage room and open it using the RB-SMP key. Once opened, you will find the quest item on the right in a green cabinet at the bottom.

Escape From Tarkov Disease History RB-KSM
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Head over to the doctor’s office for the second Medical Record and pop it open with the remaining RB-KSM key. In this room the item will be on the left hand side at the bottom right of some open shelving.

Once you’ve picked both of them up, head safely over to an extract point and make sure to hand them over to Therapist before going into another raid. You don’t have to do both in the same raid either, as one can be handed in on its own.

So there you have it, that wraps up how to complete the Escape From Tarkov Disease History task. Luckily this quest isn’t blocking the progression of any other tasks, but you will need to complete it if you are aiming for the Kappa container.

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