Elden Ring Morgott Boss Fight: How To Beat Morgott, The Omen King

Elden Ring Morgott Boss Fight: How To Beat Morgott, The Omen King
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Beneath the gigantic Erdtree is the capital city of Leyndell, and there is no greater challenge in Leyndell than Elden Ring Morgott boss fight. The bosses of Elden Ring are no joke, and Morgott is among the strongest you will have to face in the game. Worse still, he is between you and the later sections of the game, so you have no choice but to go through him. We have taken this angry monstrosity on a few times, so here are our tips for how to take down the Omen King himself in the Elden Ring Morgott boss fight.

Elden Ring Morgott Boss Fight: Where To Find Him

Elden Ring Morgot: Where to find him
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Morgott, The Omen King is found at the highest point of the city of Leyndell. You can reach this place as soon as you get to the Altus Plateau. Head toward the city, through the gates, follow the road to the north, and on the north side of the inner city wall you will find a door guarded by a Tree Sentinel. Defeat the Tree Sentinel and you can now access the city of Leyndell.

Make your way through the city to get to Morgott. There are proper ways to make your way around, definitely explore the city as there are plenty of great things to find. You can also shorten your journey by making use of the rooftops and tree branches around the city. To get to the higher parts of the city, where Morgott is found, climb the wing of the giant dead dragon. This will get you on top of the high inner walls.

Follow the wall, and take another branch up past several guardians. You will encounter a golden shade of Godfrey on the way, and you must defeat this boss to get to Morgott. Beyond Godfrey is the Queen’s Bedchamber, the site of grace here is just before the Morgott boss fight.

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Elden Ring Morgott Boss Fight: First Phase

Elden Ring Morgot: first phase
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Before entering the boss room, you can of course choose to summon other players. In terms of NPC summons, you can bring Melina into the fight with you. We would highly recommend doing so, along with any other summons and spirit ashes you can bring with you. It’s always good to give a boss many targets to focus on. Melina is especially useful, as she creates golden trees that heal you when you stand beneath them.

When you enter the boss room the first time, a cutscene will play. You might notice that Morgott bears a striking resemblance to Margit, the first boss in Stormveil Castle. The two are similar in more ways than one, as Morgott fights like an upgraded Margit. He uses similar attacks to Margit, striking with his weapon as well as his holy attacks. You can even use Margit’s Shackle on him. If you haven’t gotten this item, go to Patches to get it, as it will incapacitate Morgott for a short period of time. That said, Morgott is in a whole other league from Margit, so be prepared.


Be wary of his many attacks, as he is deceptively quick. He will combine fast and slow attacks, often using a combination of sword and holy weapon attacks. His holy weapons include the same daggers and hammer that Margit used, as well as a sword and a giant spear. These attacks are far more deadly than Margit’s were, where Margit threw one dagger, Morgott throws three.

Try to keep Morgott on his toes by combining your attacks with those of Melina and any other summons. Particularly useful is the Mimic Tear, having a clone of yourself in the fight is really helpful. The main attack in this phase to be wary of is when he holds a holy dagger up in the air, this means he is about to unleash holy hell on you. Shortly after he does this, dozens of glowing swords will rain down, first in a circle around Morgott, then in lines coming out from him. These continue to come down for a long time, so stay clear.

Continue to get as much damage in as you can here and eventually Morgott will drop to one knee as if staggered. This is a trap, as he is just powering up for phase two.

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Elden Ring Morgott Boss Fight: Phase Two

Elden Ring Morgot: second phase
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After a short time down, Morgott will explode upwards, doing damage to anyone nearby. When this happens, the arena floor gets covered in murky water. This is more than an aesthetic change, as you will notice bubbling geysers forming around the room. These will burst shortly, so do not stand on them or you will be knocked flat.

One of the most important things to be wary of is that he will begin coating his sword in blood. This makes his sword attacks do huge amounts of bleed damage. You absolutely need to avoid his sword attacks when it is covered in blood. In particular, avoid the attack where he lunges at you from a long distance. If you get caught with this, you will be skewered on his sword and take a pile of damage.

Morgott is much more aggressive, much more mobile in this phase. He will throw out so many different attacks that it is nearly impossible to stay on top of them. All the while he will be jumping and cartwheeling (seriously, he cartwheels) around you. Try to keep as much distance as you can to keep a good eye on him, and only attack when he calms down a bit.

Follow those tips and you should be well on your way to conquering Morgot, The Omen King. For more Elden Ring tips, why not check out Elden Ring Radahn Boss Fight: How To Defeat Starscourge Radahn.


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