Elden Ring Horse: How To Unlock Torrent The Spectral Steed

Elden Ring Horse: How To Unlock Torrent The Spectral Steed
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11th Mar 2022 10:24

The Lands Between is a gigantic world, far too big to traverse without your trusty Elden Ring horse. In true Elden Ring fashion, you do not start out with your horse and must unlock it first. The method for unlocking the horse is not exactly clear, but there is a certain way to make sure it unlocks for you. Here is everything you need to know to unlock your Elden Ring Horse.

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Elden Ring Horse: How To Unlock It

Elden Ring Horse: How to unlock it
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As we said, the math is not exact on this one. Elden Ring is a frustratingly vague game at times, and this is one of the most elusive parts of the early game. When you first start the game, you will be let loose into Limgrave. However, you will not have a horse to get around on, or even the ability to level up your character. These both come when you first meet Melina.

Exactly when Melina first appears is not clear. She will definitely appear early in your travels, when you sit at a site of grace. It won’t necessarily happen the first time you sit at one, as there are some prerequisites to be met. At the very least, some progress needs to be made. Go out into the world, fight some enemies, loot some items, maybe die a couple of times. After some time playing, when you sit at a site of grace, Melina will appear beside you.

She gives you the ability to increase your stats with Runes, and also grants you Torrent. Torrent is your mount, who you will need to make your journey through the Lands Between. It is recommended to add Torrent to your pouch for easy access.


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Elden Ring Horse: Tips For Use

Elden Ring Horse: tips for use
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The main reason you need Torrent is to traverse the lands much faster. Torrent is also very nimble and can be used for platforming sections. He has a double jump, and the second jump can dramatically change in direction for more accurate landings.

You can fight from Torrent, which is crucial for many fights in the game. You can use your left and right shoulder buttons to do light and heavy attacks on either side. Whenever you encounter a large enemy in a wide-open space, it is often beneficial to fight them on horseback.

Finally, use Spirit Springs to jump massive heights. You will see these around the world, they are like geysers of wind. If you jump while in one it will launch you high into the air. You can also fall from a huge height and land safely if you fall into a Spirit Spring.

That is it, everything you need to know to find and use Torrent, the spectral steed. For more on Elden Ring check out our guide on Elden Ring Spirit Ashes: How To Unlock Spirit Summons.


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