Elden Ring Crossplay: Does Elden Ring Support Crossplay?

Elden Ring Crossplay: Does Elden Ring Support Crossplay?
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22nd Mar 2022 14:00

Many players are wondering about the Elden Ring crossplay system and how it works with the game's multiplayer. Elden Ring is the latest game by FromSoftware in the Soulsborne genre of titles, and like many of the previous entries, it features a few different multiplayer components that tie together. So, for an explainer of the Elden Ring crossplay system, including how it works and who can play together, read on. 

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Elden Ring Crossplay: Is There Crossplay?

Elden Ring Crossplay
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As it stands, the only form of crossplay for Elden Ring allows players on systems from the same family to play together. This means players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can play together, and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can do the same. That's where crossplay ends though, as players on different consoles cannot join up with each other, and the PC playerbase is completely cut off, only allowing them to play with each other. 

Considering many of the multiplayer components of Elden Ring - such as summoning friends and leaving messages - are cooperative in nature and allow for players to help one another, crossplay would have been an excellent feature to unit the playerbase. With the game's success and influx of players, you shouldn't have to worry about the population ever falling off though, as even older souls titles still have vibrant playerbases. 


Elden Ring Crossplay: In The Future?

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have made no comments on whether crossplay is in the works as a future feature but considering they never implemented it with older titles and there's only been radio silence concerning the feature in Elden Ring, it seems unlikely. We'll update this article should any new news break on the possibility of crossplay.

That's our breakdown of the Elden Ring crossplay system, and now you know which consoles can play together. 

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