Dying Light 2 True Friends Quest: How To Complete The Mission And Avoid The Bug

Dying Light 2 True Friends Quest: How To Complete The Mission And Avoid The Bug
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7th Feb 2022 17:21

The Dying Light 2 True Friends quest is a side mission that can be found in the Bazaar shortly after finishing The Only Way Out, which is found quite early in the game. Dying Light 2 sees you take on the city of Villedor as you explore your past, but there is plenty of side content to take part in. One of these is the True Friends quest, which some players haven't been able to finish due to bugs. If you're looking for a walkthrough of the Dying Light 2 True Friends quest, you're in the right place.

Dying Light 2 True Friends Quest: Getting And Finishing The Quest

Dying Light 2 True Friends Quest
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The Dying Light 2 True Friends quest can be accessed only after The Only Way Out and Unruly Brother quests have both been finished.

If you go to the Bazaar, you can speak to a character called Dominik, and then speaking to someone called Nerys will begin the actual quest. She will inform you that two children have gone missing while they were playing, and ask you to look for them around the local area.

Your first objective is to search the Bazaar itself for the boys, but instead, you should go to the northwest corner and speak to Dominik again, who will tell you to find them along King William IX Road. A map marker will appear for you to follow into Horseshoe, and going there will trigger a scream sound from a nearby dark hollow.

Enter the dark hollow from the ground floor, and either kill all the infected or just run past them to the top floor. Here you will find the room where the kids are located.


You'll be tasked with killing a Goon, Spitter, and some regular zombies - which are all detailed in our Dying Light 2 enemy types guide. Once dispatched, return to the room with the kids to save them, and finally go back to the Bazaar and speak to Nerys to finish the quest.  

However, some of the objectives in this quest are reportedly bugged, and sometimes you won't be able to progress for seemingly no reason. Techland are aware of the issue and are working on a fix it, but for now, you can restart your game, and it should provide a workaround for the issue.

That's our walkthrough of the Dying Light 2 True Friends quest, and now you know how to finish the mission and fix any issues that occur.

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