Dying Light 2 Tips: 12 Ways To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Dying Light 2 Tips: 12 Ways To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
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1st Feb 2022 13:10

Dying Light 2 tips are a must if you want to get ahead in this dangerous and expansive post-apocalypse. With buildings to climb, zombies to kill, and a weaving branching narrative to endure, Dying Light 2 sure is a lot. But how do you get ahead in this dog-eat-dog world? Luckily, we've been fighting our way through the streets of Villedor for some time now and we've learned a thing or two in the process. So get ready for fly-kicks and decapitation, as we dive into the best Dying Light 2 tips to help you keep on top of this post-apocalypse. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Unlock Water Towers And Electrical Supplies Early On

Dying Light 2 tips: Capture Water Towers.
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When you are finally set loose in the open world of Villedor, the first of our Dying Light 2 tips is to put a keen focus on unlocking water towers and electrical supplies across the map. These allow you to side with either the Peacekeepers or the Survivors, with both offering their own set of perks. In the long run this will make things far easier for you, so it's good to always unlock one when you come across them. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Side With The Survivors For Perks

Dying Light 2 tips: Side with the Survivors.
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As a follow on from the last Dying Light 2 tip, when assigning a water tower or electrical supply to either faction, we'd recommend siding with the Survivors. The Peacekeepers allow for perks that help you deal with zombies, with traps and car alarms. However, the Survivors make it far easier to traverse the city with airbags, ziplines, pole vaults, which is generally more helpful in the moment to moment gameplay. You really won't come into too many encounters with the zombies themselves that aren't easily escapable - and Survivor parkour helpers just make this all the easier. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Go Out On Night Runs

Dying Light 2 tips: go out on night runs.
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One way you may come into contact with zombies however, is during Night Runs. Our next Dying Light 2 tip is about going out in the dark, which for sure is more dangerous as Volatile zombies are on the prowl and the streets are stacked with the undead, but Night Runs offer a general boost to XP. While some missions are time specific and a lot of NPCs aren't in their usual spots, some content can be done during the night, and it will allow you to boost your levels quicker. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Collect UV Shrooms

Dying Light 2 tips: Collect UV Shrooms.
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If you are hanging around at night then you might want to stock up on UV shrooms. These can be found on rooftops usually near both the honey and chamomile for healing. They can be spotted for their illuminise blue hue, and boost your immunity by around 30 seconds a pop. In the early game, your immunity will run out quickly when there is no sunshine or UV lamps, so be sure you have a couple of these handy so you don't prompt a game over screen. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Clear Out Metro Station

Dying Light 2 tips: clear out metro stations.
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Metro Stations are key if you want to know how to unlock fast travel in Dying Light 2, and it is an essential addition to our Dying Light 2 tips. While parkour is a fun and fast way to traverse the city, sometimes you just want to jump right into the missions, and as you get on in the story you will be skipping from one end to the other. That means you should be clearing out Metro Station so you can cut out encounters with Renegades and zombies.

Dying Light 2 Tips: Always Save Survivors For XP 

Dying Light 2 tips: Save survivors.
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Yet another Dying Light 2 tip to help you level up quickly, at times when exploring the world, you'll come across survivors who are calling out for help. These can on occasion be an ambush or the occasional hostage situation so watch out for those, but more often than not they are an NPC struggling with a single zombie, or even just in need of a healing item. These are super easy and reward you with a handful of XP towards both your parkour and combat levels. Even better if you pair this tip with the prior to receive that juicy bonus. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Hunt For Inhibitors

Dying Light 2 tips: hunt for inhibitors.
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Early on in Dying Light 2 you'll be introduced to Inhibitors, which are a key feature to upgrading Aiden into the ultimate zombie-killing parkour master. For every three inhibitors you collect, you are able to upgrade either your health or stamina, which then gives you the ability to unlock more skills. No matter how much you level up, you won't be able to unlock skills without Inhibitors, so be sure to seek them out whenever you get the opportunity. Your GRE bracelet will warn you when an Inhibitor is nearby, and later on in the game you can unlock satellite towers that will pinpoint their positions, but they can be found anywhere from up high in buildings to underwater. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Upgrade Stamina Over Health

Dying Light 2 tips: upgrade your stamina.
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As we mentioned, you will have to take the Inhibitors you find around the world to put towards either your health or stamina. We advise that you put a big focus on stamina early on. Health of course comes with its own advantages, but just like the Survivor vs. Peacekeeper perks, traversal is the biggest focus in the game. Not only this but it allows you to dish out more damage before running out of steam, and many parkour abilities work excellently in combat situations. There is also nothing worse that running out of stamina just before reaching a high ledge. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Fly-kick Everything

Dying Light 2 tips: fly-kick everything.
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One of those combat-focused parkour abilities is the fly-kick. An infamous attack from the first game, the fly-kick is back and a part of one of the best Dying Light 2 tips: flykick everything. The fly-kick is a high damage attack that sends your enemies flying. This can be one of the best ways to clear out enemies on rooftops, but it also works really well against tank-like enemies, as even they can be sent packing. If indoors, keep an eye out for spiked wall mounts, which will allow you to take bigger enemies out much faster. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Slide Attack

Dying Light 2 tips: Slide attack.
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On top of our fly-kick-based Dying Light 2 tip, the slide attack is another valid option. While primarily used as a way to keep up momentum while sliding under the various objects in your way, the slide can also be used to trip up various enemies. While it doesn't damage nearly the same amount as the fly-kick, it is a far quicker attack to recover from, and as widespread than the flykick - which can leave you lying on your back open to attacks from any enemies you've missed. If you are trying to be a tad more conservative with your health, then opt for the slide attack over the fly-kick. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Mod Your Weapons

Dying Light 2 tips: Modify your weapons.
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Sticking with the subject of combat, another Dying Light 2 tip of ours is to mod your weapons. Weapons modding is a very easy element of the game to forget, especially since weapons degradation is brutal. But keeping adding things like electrical and fire damage can be incredibly useful against the more difficult enemies - however we'd say don't just use them for any old joe you come across in the post-apocalypse. 

Dying Light 2 Tips: Don't Forget Vendors

Dying Light 2 tips: The merchant menu.
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With the enormity of this ambitious sequel, a very easy thing to miss out on is vendors which can offer a variety of goods for those coins you've been collecting from corpses this whole thing. This includes weapons, accessories and consumables which can make your list a lot easier. Most importantly however, is the Craftmaster which offers additional modding options, higher quality consumables and options to upgrade mods and equipment like the paraglider. This is something we almost entirely bypassed during the review period, and ended up with a small fortune so be sure to check out a merchant whenever you are passing by locations like the PK Base and the Bazaar. 

That's all the Dying Light 2 tips we have on offer, however we've got plenty more guides on the game including one explaining how long is Dying Light 2? 


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