Dying Light 2 Parkour XP Glitch: How To Farm XP And Level Up Fast

Dying Light 2 Parkour XP Glitch: How To Farm XP And Level Up Fast
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Tarran Stockton


7th Feb 2022 16:39

If you're looking for the Dying Light 2 parkour XP glitch, along with general methods to farm experience and level up fast, we've got you covered. Dying Light 2 has a lot of RPG mechanics, and part of that encompasses the levelling system and separate parkour and combat skill trees. These skill trees use different XP too, which you earn from the relevant actions associated with the skill. So, if you want to learn a Dying Light 2 parkour XP glitch, read on.

Dying Light 2 Parkour XP Glitch: How To Perform The Exploit

Dying Light 2 Parkour XP Glitch location
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There are a few ways to earn tonnes of XP quickly in Dying Light 2, but we are going to highlight a couple of them relating to parkour. Obviously, you can earn a lot of XP over the game while completing missions, objectives, and just playing in general, but if you want to specifically max out the parkour tree, there are a few methods.  

Firstly, it's imperative that you wait for nighttime, as it gives you an XP bonus allowing you to earn far more than during a full day. One of the best ways to gain parkour XP is to compete in the races and Nightrunner Trials which are located around the city. You'll earn XP passively while doing the race. Finishing with particularly good times also rewards you with a slew of experience. 

Another great way is to perform an exploit at a location called Larch Windmill, which can be found toward the south of Trinity in Old Villedor. Near the buildings at Larch Windmill, is a set of scaffolding that you can use to jump to a nearby building and back. Jumping back and forth between these will net you thousands of XP rather quickly, with little risk because of the roof below and a UV light on one of the scaffolds. To add to the amount you receive, using the Far Jump ability will give you even more XP for each jump between the scaffolds. 

That's our quick summary for using the Dying Light 2 parkour XP glitch, and now you know a couple of easy methods to farm experience to allow you to level up quickly. 

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