Dying Light 2 Finger Gun: How To Find The Left Finger Of GloVa

Dying Light 2 Finger Gun: How To Find The Left Finger Of GloVa
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Tarran Stockton


8th Feb 2022 11:59

The Dying Light 2 finger gun is a secret weapon that players can find in the game's dev room, netting you an extremely powerful hand cannon called The Left Finger of gloVa. Dying Light 2 has a few mysteries worth seeking out, and one of them is the dev room which houses some hidden blueprints. If you want to know how to access the dev room, and get the Dying Light 2 finger gun, then read on and find out.

Dying Light 2 Finger Gun: Getting The Left Finger Of GloVa

Dying Light 2 Finger Gun the left finger of glova
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The finger gun is hidden away in the dev room, which we have covered accessing previously in the Dying Light 2 Korek Charm guide, as it requires completion of a generator puzzle to open. In short, you will want to make your way to the top of the VNC Tower in Garrison, which can be done by using the elevator once the Broadcast quest has been finished. 

Face southward, and use the Dying Light 2 Paraglider to fly toward the skyscraper directly south, which has Military Airdrop THB-UT0 on the top. From here, you can interact with the generator on the roof to grab its cable and drop down two floors to insert it into another generator. You have to do this twice more, continually dropping from floor to floor and connecting the generator cables. 


Once you connect the third cable, next to it will be a panel that activates and lets you insert your GRE key to open a double door. This is the dev room, and inside are a series of posters for old Techland games, and a note thanking the players. If you take a left inside this room, it will lead you to a bedroom with some teddy bears sat on a bed. You can interact with the bed to sit down, and an animation will play as electricity buzzes around the room and more bears are summoned. 

After roughly 30 seconds, the poster in front of you will change and a blueprint for The Left Finger of gloVa will appear, letting you pick it up and then craft the weapon. It takes a hefty 369 scrap to create, and it doesn't take up a weapon slot, instead, going in your consumables slot. It can also only take 16 shots before requiring a new one to be built. 

That's our rundown of how to find the Dying Light 2 finger gun, and now players know how to find The Left Finger of gloVa in the secret dev room.

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