DMZ R4D detector: Where to find & how to use

DMZ R4D detector: Where to find & how to use
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Tarun Sayal


31st May 2023 16:09

If you are looking for a way to find and use R4D Detector in DMZ mode, then your search ends here. R4D Detector is a handy tool that can help you uncover the secrets of the Koschei Complex. Its camera can uncover things that are typically invisible to you. 

As a result, it can be used for various purposes, such as completing missions, reading hidden messages, and more. With that said, here’s all you need to know about finding R4D Detector in DMZ, along with instructions to use it.

Where to find the R4D Detector in DMZ

R4D detector in DMZ
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The R4D Detector is not a common item that you can find anywhere in DMZ. It is only available inside the Koschei Complex, a secret underground map that can only be accessed via Al Mazrah’s bunker system. 

You can enter the facility in four different ways, but approaching via the Oasis entrance is the best option. If you choose another way, you will have to use a car battery and jumper leads to unlock the doors.

Once you are in the bunker, head to the Chemical Plant. It is worth noting that it’s a very dark area, so you need night vision goggles to see. You can either obtain them from the ground or buy them from various vendors. Finally, look for the R4D Detector on tables or in rooms in the middle of the plant.

How to use R4D Detector in DMZ

How to use R4D detector
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To use R4D Detector in DMZ, you need to hold down your Tactical hotkey - L1 or LB on consoles or the button you have assigned for tactical grenades and equipment on PC. 

Your character will then use the device’s camera to analyze the surroundings. The camera works like a thermal scope, highlighting enemies and other heat sources nearby. The gadget will also tag items that you spot through its lens.

One of the main reasons to use the R4D Detector is to unlock a free weapon blueprint called the Heated Madness. This blueprint is for the Kastov 762 assault rifle and has a unique design and attachment. It can also be used to reveal hidden messages and clues on notes and boards.

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