Diablo Immortal Paragon System: How Does It Work?

Diablo Immortal Paragon System: How Does It Work?
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10th Jun 2022 10:28

You may want to know how the Diablo Immortal Paragon system works, as it allows you to gain even more levels for adding new skills to your selection. Diablo Immortal doesn't stop once you reach the max level of 60, as you then unlock the Hell difficulty levels, which comes with more events and activities to take part in. The Diablo Immortal Paragon levels are important to this, as it's a marker of your end-game progress. So read on for a breakdown of the Paragon system. 

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Diablo Immortal Paragon System: How Does It Work?

How Does The Diablo Immortal Paragon System Work?
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Whenever you fill up the XP bar after level 60, you will earn a Paragon point that only applies to the character that earns it, allowing you to place it in the Paragon talent trees for benefits. This is key too, as the game will automatically increase in difficulty as you gain in Paragon levels. 

The points can be put into a total of six Paragon talent trees that are gradually unlocked as you gain more and more points. Each tree has 10 talents that you place points into, so different characters can prioritise different elements that are more important to them. There are also two types of talents in these trees. 


Talents with circle icons offer permanent bonuses to attributes, such as the Diablo Immortal Potency secondary attribute, or increased armour. These can also be upgraded more than once. The talents with square icons represent buffs that aren't always active. To activate these talents, you will need to make sure the talent tree that contains it is also active on the Paragon menu. This is denoted by a tick. 

Here are the six Paragon talent trees, along with the level that they are unlocked at:

  • Survivalist - Paragon level 1
  • Vanquisher - Paragon level 1
  • Treasure Hunter - Paragon level 50
  • Gladiator - Paragon level 100
  • Soldier - Paragon level 150
  • Mastermind - Paragon level 200

That's all for our explainer of the Diablo Immortal Paragon system, and now you know what function the Paragon levels serve once you reach the max level and enter the end-game.

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