Diablo 4 open beta unlock time: All time zones

Diablo 4 open beta unlock time: All time zones
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Tarran Stockton


23rd Mar 2023 10:36

You may want to know what the Diablo 4 open beta unlock time is, as following the early access beta last week, all players can now hop in and experience the game, no matter if they have pre-ordered the game or not.

Diablo 4 is the latest entry in the iconic action RPG franchise, and while in many ways it's the typical Diablo experience but expanded, there are also a lot of big changes that make it feel different from past titles. So, if you want to see what the newest game has to offer before everyone else, check out the Diablo 4 open beta unlock time.

Diablo 4 open beta unlock time

The Diablo 4 open beta period will begin on March 24 at 4 pm GMT (9 am PDT/12 pm EST/6 pm CEST) and will run until at March 27 at 7 pm GMT (12 pm PDT/3pm EST/9 pm CEST). 

If you were lucky enough to take part in the Diablo 4 early access beta last weekend, then you'll be pleased to know that your progress should carry over. However, none of your progress will carry over to the main game when it launches later in June. Don't get too attached to your character just yet!

The Diablo 4 beta period will take place on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 

That's all for our explainer of the Diablo 4 open beta unlock time, and now you know when you can begin playing the three-day preview period. 

Make sure you're also up to scratch with the Diablo 4 PC system requirements if you are playing on a computer. 

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