Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation Walkthrough: How To Complete The Season Of The Haunted Activity

Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation Walkthrough: How To Complete The Season Of The Haunted Activity
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Cheri Faulkner


2nd Jun 2022 13:41

Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation is the latest Season of the Haunted weekly story activity, and takes places in the underbelly of the Derelict Leviathan. This week in Sever - Reconciliation we hear some intensely emotional Destiny 2 lore-telling, with an amazing surprise at the end for any avid Guardian. Here's our complete Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation walkthrough.

Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation Walkthrough: Place Ritual Amplifiers

Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation Walkthrough
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Similarly to the Sever - Shame quest, your first step to a successful clear of the Sever - Reconciliation mission is to place ritual amplifiers to increase the connection to the nightmare realm. You'll see some blinking Arc charges behind the door, shoot these to force it open.

There's some interesting dialogue to be heard between Crow and his nightmare, Uldren, before proceeding through the pipe to get to the next area. There's a Calus Bobblehead nearby, so make sure to collect that before proceeding. Shoot the egregore spore and head through the now passable barrier to progress. Once in this new room, you'll note a similar power outage to the Sever - Shame quest, so eliminate as many enemies as possible before progressing.

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Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation Walkthrough: Obtain Psion Decryption Keys

Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation Walkthrough
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The difference this week comes immediately after clearing the area of enemies and restoring power. There is a barrier you will need to take down on the upper level. As soon as this has been depleted, you will be told to obtain Psion Decryption Keys. We need these keys to unlock the door and progress into the deeper parts of the underbelly to reach the boss and Crow. 

There are five Psions that drop keys. They're easy to find, dotted around this area with an immune Cabal nightmare chasing you throughout. You'll see enemies spawn on your HUD, follow these to kill them. The glowing white Psions will have the keys. Some of these Psions are immune until you defeat a corresponding Psion in a bubble, which will drop their immunity and enable them to give the Psion Decryption Key. 

You'll then need to place one more ritual amplifier before you can progress into the boss arena.


Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation Walkthrough: Defeat The Nightmare Of Fikrul

Destiny 2 Reconciliation Walkthrough
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As the ritual in the previous Sever - Shame was unsuccessful in enlightening Crow and having his nightmare resolved in his consciousness, we have to face the Nightmare of Fikrul, or the Fanatic.

Again, the difficulty here is super easy, simply kill the spawning ads until the golden teleporter appears in the arena. Head through it, and instead of chasing the boss down immediately, turn 180 degrees and head away from him. You'll find a secret doorway with some cruxes that can be shot, and a Cabal enemy within. Killing this enemy will spawn some extra loot for this mission.

Having done that, return back to your spawn-in point, where the teleport landed you, and you can chase down the Nightmare of Fikrul again where you can cause as much damage as you can whilst chasing it around the pathway until another teleporter appears. Repeat the process until the Nightmare is slain, and listen closely to some more important lore dialogue about a foreshadowed event. For the full story, make sure you head back to the H.E.L.M to speak to Crow there. 

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