Dead Space Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, And More

Dead Space Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, And More
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5th Jul 2021 15:12

The Dead Space remake is a lot closer than we initially thought, and soon players will be able to experience the iconic horror title with a new set of eyes, elevated by years of technological advances. While the Dead Space series tapered off with the dud that was Dead Space 3, the prospect of a return is enticing for any fan of video game horror. So, for a breakdown of everything we know about the Dead Space remake, we've got you covered.

Dead Space Remake Release Date

We now have a confirmed release date for the upcoming title, with it set to release on January 27, 2023. That means players won't have long to wait until they jump into the horror, but this is a little earlier than we previously expected. While it first had a release window of late 2022, on March 11 it was revealed that they were pushing it back to some time in early 2023.

Dead Space Remake Trailers

The first trailer we got for the Dead Space remake came in July, 2021, and used to announce the existence of the game. It didn't show much other than a few different scenes and the iconic suit of Isaac, but it was a promising showing of the game's horror potential with all the new tech. 


Since then, the developers have had fairly frequent livestreams to display the progress and talk about some of the challenges with development. They’ve debuted videos highlighting the new character models, the advanced lighting systems, the audio, and more. 

There are also small atmospheric walkthrough videos that show off little sections of the game, with a recent one showing the iconic engine room location from the original. The developers have stated that the full gameplay reveal won't come until sometime close to Halloween. We'll update this guide with all the relevant information after the devs debut this showcase. 

Who Is Working On The New Dead Space?

Everything We Know About The Dead Space Reboot
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EA hasn’t skimped on talented developers for the new Dead Space game. They’ve put Motive to work on it, who is a co-developer team for Star Wars: Battlefront II. Though that game has its own problems, its remarkable visuals and immersive gameplay will more than effectively translate to the moody quiet of space - especially as we know they have experience in those settings.

Plus, adding to this team is Eric Baptizat, the former game director of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. It’s unknown if he joined the team for the sake of this reboot, but either way, he’s a big talent that Motive will be putting to good use.

Is The New Dead Space A Sequel?

Everything We Know About The Dead Space Reboot
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The new Dead Space title is set to be a full remake, inspired by the likes of the Resident Evil remakes. The remakes of the horror series, Resident Evil 2 especially, have helped to push horror games to a better position than ever, and the slick remakes are functionally impressive too, so it’s no doubt they’ve been referenced for the remake.

It will be a remake of the first Dead Space game, first released in 2008, so with all the leaps in technology since then, it looks to provide a more visceral experience of the horror that was present in the original. 

Dead Space Remake Platforms

Dead Space's Remake is set to be a next-gen title, with it releasing onto the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and select PC storefronts. 

That’s all we know for sure about the remake of Dead Space so far. It’s not long until we get a full reveal, so we won’t be left in the dark much longer - but either way, we can’t wait to see what this return to a classic franchise will bring.


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