Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Overall Best Killer Perks

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Overall Best Killer Perks
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Dead by Daylight Killer perks take the already intimidating cast of murderous monsters and grand them even more power. Dead by Daylight lets players customise their experience, tailoring the game to their playstyle. Through equipping perks, players can alter the Survivors and Killers in ways that make them much more powerful. To give you some idea of how you can do that, here are our picks for the overall best perks for Killers in Dead by Daylight.

  • To unlock these perks for other Killers, you need plenty of Bloodpoints. You can get yourself lots of extra Bloodpoints for free with these Dead by Daylight Codes.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Barbecue and Chili

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: bbq and chili
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The Barbecue and Chili perk is a wonderful perk for newer players. It is specific to the Cannibal but can be taught to other Killers. The gist of the perk is that every time you hook a Survivor, the auras of all other Survivors become visible for a short while, provided they are more than 40 metres away.

This is useful for tracking down your next target and keeping the pressure up on Survivors. It also grants a percentage bonus to Bloodpoints, increasing by 25% up to 100% for each Survivor hooked.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Corrupt Intervention

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: Corrupt Intervention
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Corrupt Intervention is an amazing perk for forcing the Survivors out of their safe zones. It is unique to the Plague, and it activates at the start of the round. Straight off the bat, the three furthest generators from the Killer are blocked for two minutes.

Considering the Survivors and the Killer generally load in quite far apart, this likely blocks the closest generators to the Survivors and forces them to move toward the Killer.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Hex: Devour Hope

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: Devour Hope
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Devour Hope is a Hex perk that belongs to the Hag. This perk requires a bit of setup, but can be really powerful and a lot of fun. To activate the perk, you need to accrue tokens. How you gain tokens is you must hook a Survivor, and that Survivor must be unhooked when you as the Killer are at least 24 metres away. So hook a Survivor, then get as far away as you can. At three tokens, the Killer can instantly down Survivors with a single hit. At 5 tokens, they can kill Survivors outright. As a Hex, this perk can be negated by Survivors should they find the relevant Totem on the map and cleanse it.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Discordance

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: Discordance
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Discordance is another generally useful perk that can be well suited to newer players. Discordance is an information perk that shows the Killer when a generator is being repaired by two or more Survivors.

While learning the game and getting the lay of the land, it can be very useful to have perks that point you in important directions, and Discordance is a very useful one of those perks.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Nurse’s Calling

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: Nurse's Calling
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Again, this is a useful information perk but this time it is for a specific and powerful Killer. While this perk can be taught to other characters, it is a standard perk for the Nurse who is a very strong Killer. This perk shows the auras of any nearby Survivors who are healing.

This can be very useful for chasing up injured Survivors who have broken line of sight and are healing because they think they have lost you.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Pop Goes The Weasel

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks:
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Pop Goes The Weasel is a great perk because it synergises the two most important things a Killer has to do, hooking Survivors and damaging generators. This one is native to the Clown, so be sure to play that Killer enough to unlock the perk for other Killers.

The perk activates when you hook a Survivor, after doing so you have 45 seconds to damage a generator. When you do so, the generator instantly loses 25% of its progression.


  • Between Survivors and Killers, there are a lot of characters in the game. To learn more and get some tips, check out our Dead by Daylight Characters guide.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Hex: Ruin

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: Hex Ruin
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This is another of the Hex perks, which are tied to Totems. This perk is active from the beginning of the round, so no awkward setup is needed.  As long as the relevant Hex totem is active, all generators degrade by up to 200%.

This means repair progression is lost twice as fast when Survivors are not actively fixing it. This perk is really strong, especially if the Survivors cannot find the Totem and never stop the effect.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: Scourge Hook Pain Resonance
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A Scourge Hook perk is activated by making use of a Scourge Hook. When you start a match with one of these perks active, four hooks will be designated as Scourge Hooks which are marked with white auras. When you hook a Survivor on one of these hooks, the generator with the most progress explodes. This causes it to lose up to 15% of its repair progress.

Better still, if there are any Survivors currently working on that generator, they will scream and reveal their location to the Killer.

Dead By Daylight Killer: Sloppy Butcher

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: Sloppy Butcher
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Sloppy Butcher is, as the name would suggest, a perk for the Killer who likes to hack and slash their way through the Survivors. Sloppy Butcher causes two effects when the Killer hits a Survivor with their basic attack. First, it increases their rate of bleeding, making their blood trail even easier to follow.

It also causes the Mangled status effect, which means the Survivor takes longer to heal themself or be healed by another player. Both effects remain active until the Survivor is fully healed.

Dead By Daylight Killer Perks: Tinkerer

Dead by Daylight Killer Perks: Tinkerer
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Tinkerer is another information perk, good for newer players but especially useful for fast Killers. With the Tinkerer perk active, when the Survivors repair a generator to 70%, there is a loud noise which alerts the Killer to the generator’s location, and this makes the Killer undetectable for 16 seconds.

Use this perk with fast killers to appear like murderous magic just as the Survivors think they have a generator finished. 

Those are ten of the most useful Dead by Daylight Killer perks. For more on the other half of the game, check out our Dead by Daylight Survivor Perks guide.


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