Every Leak From CS:GO’s Latest Operation

Every Leak From CS:GO’s Latest Operation

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Owen Turner


19th Nov 2020 18:00

Over the past two weeks, a team of developers have been hinting at an operation release with a lot of exciting content. Operation 10 has been the main talking point amongst most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) YouTubers and content creators. The skin community has also been a part of this buildup due to the possibility of large profits to be made on flipping cases. Updates such as 1v1 arena modes and two-player missions have been in the works according to leaks posted on Twitter. It’s been just over two hundred days since the last operation was announced and players have waited patiently for the newest release. References posted from Valve insiders have been talked about within forum pages, and have definitely grabbed the attention from everyone in the CS:GO community.


Talk of new Danger Zone additions resulted from the latest design in the Steam Workshop known as “Frostbite”. The map is designed on a winter backdrop along with a ski resort. Frostbite is made up of cabins, mountains, trees, hills, pub towns, and a whole lot of snow. Due to its festive design, releasing the map in late November or December would make a lot of sense. The map has gone through four cycles of testing along with a FACEIT group for competitive Danger Zone players. Rexer is the genius behind this map and has also worked on Calavera and Eternity in the past.

The traditional 1v1 servers might have a chance at making it into Operation 10. A YouTuber known as VNN which stands for Valve News Network, released a video explaining the addition of official 1v1 servers. Back when the Shattered Web collection was released, a handful of scripts were uploaded to Reddit. For those who don’t know what scripts are, they’re simply a sequence of instructions produced by programmers in script language. In this case, a line of code mentioning the 1v1 server was included in the leak. In the past, these servers were put in the hands of independent designers that were inspired by unreleased content. Now players might have the possibility of ranking up and becoming the best in the game.  


Remakes of mirage and office were also discussed due to a line of code including the two maps. While mirage is a fan favourite, office hasn’t been touched in years due to its over-complicated structure. It used to be a go-to map for those who played the hostage mode, but besides that, it's really fallen off. Mirage had a recent update and earned a lot of positive feedback from players in the CS:GO community. The bench boost is great for solo mid lurkers while the change on B plat allows for a smooth entrance onto site. Office is in need of a facelift and the potential remodel will do it justice. 


All of this hype for Operation 10 started when a series of tweets were made by a user known as Nors3. He’s been active in the Counter-Strike community since 0.7 and has given well-respected information in the past. Nors3 is also the proud owner of an esports organisation known as Dogmination. His resume includes releasing information on the map design “Tuscan” and the highly coveted Source 2 upgrade. CS:GO’s official Twitter page has even replied to Nors3 and FMPONE in the past about map updates and more, showing he clearly has a lot of connections in the community.

Operation 10 Leaks
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Valve’s latest update schedule has helped users understand possible changes in the near future. CS:GO now uses something called store assets as a form to reflect on potential releases. A common reference used in the section of Unity designers when referencing virtual objects. Store assets have played a key role in every leak for Operation 10 due to its mirroring design. This method of product updates is exclusive to CS:GO and was introduced around the release of Shattered Web. CS:GO’s ninth operation provided a lot of new skins and characters. A virtual product designer known as Julien was responsible for picking up on Valve’s latest creation.

Seasonal operations were mentioned in bundles of data in CS:GO and are expected to release a cheerful winter design. Keeping up with the two-player game modes, talk of co-op missions were also a part of leaked data references. One mission will be played within a dungeon, most likely a medieval theme along with more tablets, drones, and choppers. Trip mines will go along with these survival modes allowing players to set traps on their level based missions.

All of these leaks were provided by some of the most well-known figures in CS:GO. The idea of 1v1 maps, dungeon modes, and a new Danger Zone design should make for an exciting release. Players have waited for a long time now and are expecting a lot of good content within the next month or two. 

Images via Valve

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