Could VALORANT on Console Ever Work?

Could VALORANT on Console Ever Work?

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Katie Memmott


3rd Jun 2020 18:00

With the full launch of VALORANT on PC on June 2, console players are wondering when they will get their chance to play the latest tactical FPS for themselves.

The 5v5 shooter is proving successful amongst fans and pros, with several CS:GO and OW players choosing to abandon their current careers to move on to VALORANT rosters.

@ValorantLeaked, a datamining Twitter account, have found evidence of code strings for not only “PS4” but also “iOS” and “Android”.

The presence of “PS4” in the game data probably means an Xbox One port could also be on the cards, as the platforms usually both enjoy a release of the same games.

Riot Games as a developer have not yet cemented their place in the console world and would be competing with titles such as Overwatch for attention, but could then easily move to next-gen consoles if the current platforms were supported.

VALORANT could come to console in 2020, given the release date of the full game was earlier than expected, cited as “Summer 2020” leading some to believe it could be as late as August, not June.  

These hints at new platforms are exciting, but let’s dive into the logistics of a console port.

Console Capability

The main question is, would VALORANT work on console? The answer is a resounding yes. Replication and translation of the game onto a console platform wouldn’t be too difficult for Riot, and the specs of the latest generation of consoles are well-suited to a game such as VALORANT.

As VALORANT’s specs were designed with both new and older PC models in mind, the PS4 and Xbox One, who boast pretty good hardware themselves, would have no trouble running the game.

The question of porting to console ended up being discussed on the VALORANT discord server, with Riot Games stating;

It is likely, but there may be information about it in the future announcements as we get closer to the game's release.

Console Usability

Crossplay and cross-progression would almost certainly be disabled for a console version of VALORANT, as the discrepancy of skill and ability to counter-strafe, hold, and peek are given a major advantage in PC play.

As, we believe, would the ability to play keyboard and mouse on the console versions of VALORANT, as there is currently no controller capability on the PC version of the game.

Accuracy is also a problem when using a controller aim-assist is a feature that is added to help with this issue, but comes with controversy of its own.

One Reddit thread commenter pointed out that VALORANT would probably bring the game to console, after establishing itself in the competitive scene, if only for financial reasons.

Is VALORANT Cross Platform
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Is There a Demand for VALORANT on Console?

Yes, with a clear design in mind. Players are concerned about the aim assist issue that recently cropped up in Fortnite, but disallowing crossplay or use of other input methods could be the road Riot go down to stop skill-discrepancy from ruining player experience.

Could VALORANT on Console Be Part of the Competitive Scene?

VALORANT is aiming to dominate the competitive gaming scene, having already hosted tournaments during the Closed Beta, and the first major prize pool Twitch Rivals event coming up, but, this obviously only includes PC players. Riot Games themselves stated that VALORANT was a competitive game at its core, and the fact that it is a tactical shooter pushes it immediately to the front of the esports queue. VALORANT was built from the outset with competitive play in mind and was at the top of the Riot’s priority list during development.

Senior Director of Global Esports at Riot Games, Whalen Rozelle, stated at the initial announcement for VALORANT:

We’re overwhelmed by the initial interest and excitement in VALORANT. We have massive dreams for what this game can be as an esport, and we’re excited to embark on this long esports journey with our players.

If VALORANT came to console, could there be an opening for controller players to join the competitive scene?

Again, Reddit is at the forefront of this debate, with some players suggesting that controller compromises competitive integrity due to aim assist, and others saying that the Vanguard Anti-Cheat System could never work on console, making cheating an issue.

While it’s true that a third-party program like Vanguard could never operate in the background on console, it’s possible that Riot could include an in-game anti-cheat system for console, with enough time and hard work.


All of the evidence is stacking up to suggest that Riot Games could be working on VALORANT for console.


Images via Riot Games

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