Call of Duty Warzone: What Can You Get From the Buy Stations?

Call of Duty Warzone: What Can You Get From the Buy Stations?

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Jack Marsh


25th Mar 2020 15:25

Call of Duty Warzone is entering its third week since release and has seen over 30 million players drop into Verdansk. In Warzone there are multiple ‘Buy Stations’ located on the map, in which you can purchase killstreaks, armour and even buy your teammates back from the dead. Here is what is available and our must needed Call of Duty tips regarding Buy Stations.

COD Warzone Killstreak
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Armour Plate Bundle - $1500

Armour is essential in Warzone. So, if you are running low then this is a quick and cheap way of stocking up. You can have up to eight shields in total, three on your player and 5 in stock. A bundle will give you 5 shields, therefore if you have some already in your stock, it will drop the remainder of the bundle on the floor for your teammates.

Shield Turret - $2000

A shield Turret, a.k.a a sentry gun, is a turret which will fire at nearby enemies once you have mounted it. They will last until they are destroyed so you can pick the turret up and take it with you to your next location. They will, however, appear on the enemies’ mini-map, meaning it can give away your location, or be a cunning decoy.

Gas Mask - $3000

The Gas Mask gives you the ability to breathe for a short time in the storm. These are useful, but can also be gathered by completing scavenger, bounty and recon missions. Most players will have one of these, so they are easy to loot. However, if you haven’t acquired one by the latter stages of the game, these are definitely recommended.

Cluster Strike - $3000

The Cluster Strikes is the cheaper of the two airstrikes, as they cover a smaller area, and can be seen on the mini-map. However, these can be deadly to opponents in open areas. The clusters come in six waves, meaning that they can finish off enemies that you have knocked down, eliminating them from the game. They can be very effective when in open areas.

Precision Airstrike - $3500

A useful kill streak which gives you the ability to pinpoint a location for an airstrike to be called in. This comes in for a single wave of bullets and rockets and can be deadly. They give a larger area of damage than the cluster strikes but do only come in one wave, so unless you get the squad wipe, you will have to get close enough to finish off the kill.

UAV - $4000

Apart from the Loadout Drop Marker, the UAV’s are arguably the most important purchasable equipment, as they give you the advantage of locating nearby enemies when they can’t locate you. Using your mini-map in the top left of your screen the red dots will reveal the positions of enemies. A useful tip to bear in mind is that three UAV’s on at the same time will give you an ‘advanced UAV’, better known as an orbital VSAT, which shows the enemies constant movements rather than the sweeping action of a normal UAV.

Self-Revive Kit - $4500

An essential piece of kit, especially for those who prefer a snipe. This allows a player to use a stim shot to revive yourself and get right back in the action. However, this is only useful if you don’t get finished off by an opponent, therefore it is most effective when you are in long-range confrontations with plenty of cover to get yourself behind. Players often finish you off after knocking you down from close ranges to secure your loot and cash, but should you be able to crawl to cover then you will be able to re-join the battle.

Munitions Box - $5000

The munitions box is a box which allows you to fully restock all of your ammunition and equipment. Once bought you can place it on the ground and walk over it to replenish your stock. This also works for your teammates, so if you place it down your squad can use it to restock too. A well-placed munitions box can keep you fully stocked for multiple engagements, but beware, it can be destroyed and blows up when shot.

Loadout Drop Marker - $10,000

The most expensive of the purchasable equipment, but the most important. For squads, the $10,000 is actually a bargain, even though it has seen two increases in price since the game came out. Originally being $6,000 in Trios, it is now only $500 more per person when playing with a full squad of 4. With the Loadout Drop Marker, you can purchase a pre-made loadout with personalised weapons and perks, featuring all your favourite multiplayer guns. For tips on how to set up your loadouts, see our dedicated loadout guide.

Purchase Redoployment - $4500

This option gives you the opportunity to bring back players from the dead. Once a player has been eliminated they will be sent to The Gulag. If you win in there you will be redeployed back to Verdansk, however, if you lose you will be spectating your squadmates. They will then have the option to spend $4500 to redeploy your teammates to get them back in action. This can be repeated as many times as you would like, as long as you have the cash.

For more guides, tips and tricks on how to win at Warzone visit our Call of Duty page at GGRecon

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