Call Of Duty Vanguard: How To Get A V-2 Rocket

Call Of Duty Vanguard: How To Get A V-2 Rocket
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16th Nov 2021 14:40

Earning a Vanguard V-2 Rocket is every Call of Duty player's dream. The feeling of power one gets by ending a Vanguard match with the click of a button is unmatched. This guide will explain what a Vanguard V-2 Rocket is and some tips and tricks to help you call one in yourself.

What Is A Vanguard V-2 Rocket?

The V-2 Rocket is Vanguard's version of the notorious Call of Duty Tactical Nuke that originally appeared in Modern Warfare 2. When used, the V-2 Rocket will end the game and grant the V-2 Rocket user an automatic victory.

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How Do You Get A V-2 Rocket In Vanguard?

The Vanguard V-2 Rocket is earned in a similar fashion to the game-ending killstreaks of previous Call of Duty titles. Like the Tactical Nuke, M.O.A.B., K.E.M. Strike, and DNA Bomb, the V-2 Rocket is awarded to players that are able to achieve a monstrous streak of kills. Specifically, you must pull off 25 kills in a row without dying to earn a Vanguard V-2 Rocket. But unlike the Tactical Nuke from Modern Warfare 2, kills earned with killstreaks do not count toward the V-2 Rocket. 

The one exception to this rule is Champion Hill mode. It's possible to buy a V-2 Rocket in Champion Hill - granted you have enough cash. A V-2 Rocket in Champion Hill will set you back $25,000.

How To Use The Vanguard V-2 Rocket

After you claim the life of your 25th victim in a row, a prompt will come up on your screen notifying you that you have access to a V-2 Rocket. Using the V-2 Rocket is the same as any other killstreak - just press right on the D-pad. Next, your Operator will proceed to pull out a phone and call in the V-2 Rocket. Following the phone call, a ten-second timer will begin to tick down. When the clock strikes 0.00.0, everyone and everything on the map will be decimated.

Using the V-2 Rocket is easy - getting it is the hard part. 

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Tips To Earn A Vanguard V-2 Rocket

Pick The Right Loadout

If you're going to rack up 25 kills in a row, you need a loadout built for the job. 

First, choose your favourite weapon and equip it with all of the best attachments. We recommend checking out our guides on the best Vanguard STG44 loadouts and best Vanguard MP40 loadouts, as these are far and away the top-two Vanguard weapons at the moment.

As for the Vanguard perks to pair your loadout with, we highly recommend saving Perk 3 for Scavenger. Scavenger will let you pick up ammo and supplies off of defeated enemies. This will ensure you never run out of ammo in a tight spot. Nothing is worse than being halfway to a Vanguard V-2 Rocket and then discovering that you have no ammo in your primary weapon.

Achieving a V-2 Rocket is difficult even under the right circumstances, but if you go in unprepared, it's near impossible.

Fortify Your Position

The best of the best Call of Duty veterans may be able to pull off a V-2 Rocket by running and gunning, but for most players, the best strategy to acquire a V-2 Rocket is to hold down a single position.

Find a power position where you have sightlines on heavily trafficked areas of the map. From here, fortify your position. Block off the entry points to your location with S-Mines and toss down a Field Mic so that you are alerted when an enemy gets near. Once you are entirely set up, all that's left is to rack up the kills.

Some might call it camping, but whatever it takes to secure the V-2 Rocket, right?

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Play Objective Game Modes

Game modes with a clear objective are superior for V-2 Rocket hunting. In Team Deathmatch, the primary objective is to eliminate enemy players. But in objective game modes like Domination and Hardpoint, most players will be focused on the objective - not you. This will make it much easier to build up a decent streak of kills.

Furthermore, objective game modes give players clear target locations to battle around. In Hardpoint, for example, the large majority of players will be in or around the hardpoint at all times. These heavily trafficked areas are prime places to hunt for kills. In Team Deathmatch, however, enemies could be anywhere on the map and have no incentive to move around.

Finally, objective game modes last longer. It's extremely difficult to get 25 kills in a game of Team Deathmatch when the score limit for the whole team is 75 kills. But in Hardpoint, it's not uncommon to see one player alone get 100+ kills. 

Overall, objective game modes simply offer more opportunity and an easier route to the V-2 Rocket.

The V-2 Rocket is the ultimate goal for many Vanguard players. It won't be easy, but with the tips in this guide, you'll have as good a shot as any of finally achieving that elusive Vanguard V-2 Rocket.

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