Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards

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12th Mar 2021 17:30

Call of Duty: Mobile has finally released the Season 2 update called the Day of Reckoning, which is heavily inspired by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The new season comes with new features, including the new Shoot House and Shipment maps, Tank Battle Mode, AS-VAL gun, and a bunch of improvements along with a new Season 2 Battle Pass. 

In the Battle Pass, players can get season exclusive gun skins, operators, and more by playing games and earn experience points to level up. In addition to this, Activision has also announced various events that will reward players with free in-game goodies for completing various challenges and missions.

While a Battle Pass offers a few rewards for free, you can purchase a premium battle pass and a battle pass bundle for 220 CP and 520 CP, respectively, to get more benefits, including a huge number of premium rewards. 


COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass
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Here is the list of all Season 2 Battle Pass rewards, along with the tier on which they will be rewarded:

  • Tier 1: Mace - Back for More, HVK-30- Jumper Cable, Beatdown (Calling Card), Dog Tags, Clown - Gas Cloud (Free)
  • Tier 4: Razorback - Phantom Limb (Free)
  • Tier 5: Parachute – Collapse
  • Tier 6: Trip Mine – Collapse
  • Tier 8: Antelope A20 - Gas Cloud (Free)
  • Tier 9: Airborne – Collapse
  • Tier 10: BK57 - Data Miner
  • Tier 12: Alex
  • Tier 14: Napalm (Free)
  • Tier 15: Smoke Drop
  • Tier 16: Sticker – Bomb Blast(Free)
  • Tier 18: Medic - Gas Cloud (Free)
  • Tier 19: Trap Master – Collapse
  • Tier 20: DL Q33 - Collapse
  • Tier 21: AS VAL (Free)
  • Tier 24: ORV – Collapse
  • Tier 25: ICR-1 – Collapse
  • Tier 26: Defender – Gas Cloud (Free)
  • Tier 28: Frag Grenade – Gas Cloud (Free)
  • Tier 29: Spray – Slight of Sorrow
  • Tier 30: Mil-Sim – Brute
  • Tier 31: Echo – Phantom Limb (Free)
  • Tier 34: Smoke Grenade – Gas Cloud (Free)
  • Tier 35: KRM – Eagle Claw
  • Tier 36: Combat Axe – Gas Cloud (Free)
  • Tier 38: Charm – Payload (Free)
  • Tier 39: Knife – Collapse
  • Tier 40: M4LMG – Checkpoint
  • Tier 41: Outlaw – Phantom Limb (Free)
  • Tier 44: SMRS – Collapse
  • Tier 45: Backpack – Spare Shells
  • Tier 46: Wingman (Free)
  • Tier 47: Helicopter - Collapse
  • Tier 48: Wingsuit – Collapse
  • Tier 50: M21 EBR - Phantom Limb (Free), Mara – Awakening, AS VAL – Judgement, Cable Frame, Back for More - Avatar
Call of Duty: Mobile Rewards
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The Season 2 Battle Pass will be available in the game for about a month, so start competing in matches and unlock this huge series of exclusive rewards. But in case you still haven’t updated Call of Duty: Mobile to its latest version, you can do it by navigating to the Google Play Store if you are an Android user, while iOS users can download it from the Apple App Store, and the update size is almost 1.9GB for Android and 2.9GB for iOS. 


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