Break In Story safe code: How to find the safe & the code

Break In Story safe code: How to find the safe & the code
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Dave McAdam


15th Mar 2023 15:22

Break In Story safe code will get you access to a safe full of goodies. Break In Story is an extremely popular Roblox game about criminals on the loose. The safe and the code for the safe are useful to know about if you want to get ahead. Here is everything you need to know about the Break in Story safe code.

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Break In Story safe code: Where to find the safe

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To find the safe, you need to head to the first floor. There are five paintings there, but one was used in the tutorial so we only need to worry about the other four. You can go up to each painting and click on them. Click on each one four times to reveal the safe.

After the third click, if you get a message saying the painting seems secure, then the safe is not there and you can move on. If you don't get that message, click on it a fourth time and the safe will be revealed. This is why you should click on all the paintings four times, just to be sure.

Break In Story safe code: Where to find the code

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Now that you have located the safe, you need the code to open it. For this, you need the code, but the code changes every time you play the game. What's more, the location of the code also changes every time. You need to start from scratch to find it each time you play.

First, head down to the basement. The code can be found attached to one of the items in the basement, so you need to scour the room clicking on every object you can find. Eventually, one of them will reveal the safe code to you, and you can return to the safe to open it.

If you cannot find the code, exit the game and restart it to try again with a fresh code. With some effort, it should appear before too long.

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