Best Bloodhunt Blood Resonance Types

Best Bloodhunt Blood Resonance Types
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4th May 2022 17:59

The Bloodhunt Blood Resonance system adds an extra layer of depth for upgrading your character during a game by seeking out certain blood types from human NPCs. Bloodhunt lets you take on the role of a vampire, making for a gothic twist on the battle royal formula that involves all the bloodsucking shenanigans you'd expect. So here's our full breakdown of the Bloodhunt Blood Resonance system, including the different types, and which one is the best.

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What Are The Blood Resonance Types?

Bloodhunt Blood Resonance types
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The Blood Resonance mechanic allows players to gain and upgrade certain buffs during games by seeking human NPCs of that blood type and feeding on them. By using your Heightened Senses skill, you'll be able to see certain humans who stand out with one of five different colours: teal, purple, pink, orange, and red.

You can see the Blood Resonance icons and how much they’ve been upgraded by looking below the health bar in the bottom-left of the screen. The first four Blood Resonance types above can be upgraded twice after gaining the initial buff, as Potent doesn't stack the extra life. For information on the blood type effects and their upgrades, check the table below. 

Type (Colour) Effect Upgrade Values
Phlegmatic (Teal) Reduces the cooldown of Archetype Skills -10% < -25% < -50%
Melancholic (Purple) Reduces the cooldown of Clan Skills -10% < -25% < -50%
Sanguine (Pink) Increases amount of health regeneration per second 0.5 < 1.5 < 3.0
Choleric (Orange) Increases melee damage +10% < +25% < +50%
Potent (Red) Grants an extra life Only stacks once

At the start of each game, you can only gain three Blood Resonance points across all the types, but you're able to gain more slots as the game progress by feeding off Entity NPCs or Diablerising enemy players. The Entity are enemy NPCs that will guard certain portion of the map that typically gain powerful loot, and they can fed on after they are knocked down. You can also Diablerise enemy players once you've depleted their health and knocked them down. Both of these actions will reward you with two extra Blood Resonance slots, maxing out at a total of seven.

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Bloodhunt Blood Resonance: Best Blood Resonance Types

Bloodhunt Blood Resonance  best
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For the most part, the best Blood Resonance type depends on your situation, playstyle and which of the Bloodhunt Archetypes you are playing as. The Potent type provides the best outright benefit, as you get the chance to carry on with an extra life, so this is always worth going for if you have the chance.

The Phlegmatic and Melancholic types are situational in many ways as it depends on which of your Clan or Archetype skills is more powerful. Sanguine is a fantastic choice for safer players who want as much HP as possible at all times and aggressive players who need enough health to get back into the fight. While Choleric is always the top choice for Archetypes like the Vandal who benefit from using melee weapons and staying close to enemies. 


Regardless of what you choose to upgrade, we recommend focusing on improving one or two instead of spreading your buffs across all the skills. With your Blood Resonance slots maxed out, you'll have room to fully upgrade two of the types and gain an extra life, and with the right combination this can make you incredibly powerful. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Bloodhunt Blood Resonance system, and now you know about the different blood types and what buffs they give you, along with the best choices for your situation.  

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