Bloodhunt Best Weapons: Bloodhunt Weapon Tier List

Bloodhunt Best Weapons: Bloodhunt Weapon Tier List
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27th Apr 2022 11:17

The Bloodhunt best weapons will ensure that you can bring the fight to any of your enemies across the streets and rooftops of Prague, and secure the win. Bloodhunt is a battle royale, and while it has some unique twists to the formula, aspects like looting different tiered weapons from crates, enemies, and other locations returns. So if you need to know which of the guns are worth using and focusing on, we've got you covered with our best Bloodhunt weapons. 

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Bloodhunt Best Weapons: Silenced SMG

Best Bloodhunt weapons: Silenced SMG
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Possibly my favourite weapon in the game, the Silenced SMG is an absolute monster up close. Disregard the "silenced" aspect because it's still pretty loud, the main selling point of this weapon is simply how much damage it can do when you're in the thick of it. A big magazine means you can spray for quite a while as you mow down anyone who stands in your path. The alternative is the Tommy Gun, which is outperformed by the Silenced SMG in pretty much every scenario.

Bloodhunt Best Weapons: Sniper Rifle

Best Bloodhunt weapons: Sniper Rifle
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It was really a toss-up between the Sniper Rifle and the Marksman Rifle for the best long-range weapon in Bloodhunt, but the sniper just about takes it thanks to the scope. You can't one-hit-kill an enemy in Bloodhunt, even if you hit a headshot, but the Sniper Rifle will allow you to two-shot before using a third to kill them while downed. Our only suggestion is going for a rare or better Sniper, just because each increasing rarity adds one extra bullet to the magazine. Having a sniper with only three bullets before having a long reload becomes frustrating if you miss a single shot.

Bloodhunt Best Weapons: Toggler

Best Bloodhunt weapons: Toggler
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The Toggler sits in a weird spot, and it's not just because of the strange name. Pressing B will allow you to switch between fully automatic and semi-auto firing modes, so while each shot deals slightly less damage than the Marksman Rifle, the option to fire constantly means it comes with a higher recommendation. Hit some headshots with this bad boy and even though it's slightly slower firing than both the LMG and Assault Rifle, it does a far better job at downing foes.

Bloodhunt Best Weapons: Minigun

Any Bloodhunt best weapons list would be foolish not to include the Minigun. This huge, unwieldy beast is excellent at spraying down anyone who stands in your path, but the problem is acquiring one in the first place. You need to eliminate entity guards and loot it from the area, making the Minigun the hardest gun to acquire in the game.

Bloodhunt Best Weapons: Scourge Blades

Best Bloodhunt weapons: Scourge Blades
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When it comes to melee weapons, look no further than the Scourge Blades. These dual-wield swords have the same benefit that all melee weapons have in that a percentage of damage dealt will be returned to you as health - leech, essentially - but they also have lunge slash, a special ability. This means you can leap from a much further distance to swing at enemies and get in their face.

Bloodhunt Best Weapons: Pump-Action Shotgun

Best Bloodhunt weapons: Pump-Action Shotgun
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Finally, we have the Pump-Action Shotgun. This one takes the spot over the Double-Barrelled Shotgun for one main reason: magazine size. With only two shots before having a long reload, the Double-Barrelled is a poor choice if you don't hit both of your shots, and even then there's no guarantee both will kill your foe. With the Pump-Action, you have a little more flexibility to perhaps deal damage to them first with another weapon, then switch to the Pump-Action and finish them off, not suffering too much if you miss a shot or two.

Now you know the best weapons in Bloodhunt, keep your eyes on GGRecon for more Bloodhunt news and guides going forward.

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