Which Is The Best Rocket League Car?

Which Is The Best Rocket League Car?

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7th Jan 2021 18:30

Rocket League has over 70 vehicles to choose from if you have unlocked them all. Most players have the roughly 20 to 30 bodies to select from, as most cars have been offered in the store, so unless you have spent a bucket load of cash on the game, it is likely that you have just the common vehicles. However, our recommendations for the best Rocket League cars contains two 'common' cars, as well as one unlockable, and one purchasable car. The best cars, of course, are dependent on your playstyle, however, they can be quite preferable. Here is our guide to what Rocket League car is best and which game styles they suit.


#2 – Dominus GT

Best Rocket League Car
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Dominus GT Rocket League Car

The Dominus GT is one of the leanest cars in the game, with a low and long frame. This makes the hitbox for the Dominus favourable to aggressive attacking players. Best used in doubles or duos, this body type is great for aerial control and redirects. For players who are more comfortable in aerials the Dominus can be superior. Its long body is effective in keeping control in air dribbles and gives you slightly better angles for redirects compared to a medium-sized car. It is also better for getting height on the ball off the floor. Its low centre of gravity means it hits the ball at the bottom which pops the ball up quite high.

This is effective, again, for aerial duals or to set teammates up with crosses. It is most effective if used properly, in attack where its body design gives you scope to be more creative and pull off neat tricks and flicks. With it being so long you also have just a slight advantage in a challenge where you will meet the ball earlier than a smaller car.

However, the Dominus does have drawbacks. Its shape may help in the air but struggles on the ground and in head-on challenges. Because it is so flat it is hard to balance the ball efficiently on top of the car to dribble. Whilst not impossible, it is very difficult. Even those who have appeared to master dribbling will find that more errors will be made with this car in comparison to other bodies. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the Dominus will strike the ball at the bottom when it is along the floor, and this is a disadvantage in challenges. The low shape of the body will mean that it will be easily outmuscled, losing many challenges that rely on brute strength. With this in mind, it is definitely the best car out of ones with similar shaped bodies, and we recommend that players ranked platinum or higher in competitive should use this if they prefer aggression and aerials.

#1 – Octane

Best Rocket League Car
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Octane Rocket League Car

The Octane is used by over half of the professional circuit and most players adopt this car. It is regarded as the perfect all-rounder by most people. Whilst the Dominus can lead to slightly more flamboyance, the Octane can do aerial tricks and redirects just as well if you master it. Having a nice build for aerial duels with its smaller front the Octane allows for great control, allowing the more skilful players to still pull off outrageous air dribbles and double taps. It’s larger roof also allows for great ball control on the ground, making dribbling much easier than other cars. The ball tends to sit nicely on top of the car and can allow players to generate great accuracy in both dribbling and flicking the ball goal-bound.

The hitboxes also favour the octane, as the taller body allows it to be immensely strong, and can only be outmuscled by a few cars, such as the grog, most of which are very rarely used as they are hard to control and rather unaesthetic. It is an all-round brilliant car, and with the right design, is also amazing to look at. The main reason that people will not use the Octane is out of boredom for using the same car, or if you are one of the flamboyant freestylers who use the Dominus. A great car for all players, whether you are a casual player or a professional.

Best Unlockable Car in Rocket League – Fennec

Best Rocket League Car
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Fennec Rocket League Car

A criminally underused car, because you must unlock it to use it. The Fennec was introduced in the 'Totally Awesome' Rocket League update, and is now only available through trades, or if you have any remaining crates. Its limited availability is why you rarely see this car being used. However, if you are into the professional scene, you may see it pop up a couple of times. Its build is almost a mixture of the previous two cars, with a longer body and larger frame. Its performance is very similar to the Octane but has a longer front to be able to hit redirects slightly better. With it being introduced way after everybody had got familiar with the Octane, its popularity has been a slow burner. As much of the car deciding process is down to personal preference and playstyles the Fennec has had to try and steal some the Octanes fanbase, which is pretty tough.

The main noticeable difference is the way it air dribbles. Many people prefer the octanes front as it is smaller and gives you a better view of the ball. This is mostly down to aesthetic views but having a better view is always beneficial. If you are lucky enough to have unlocked this, it is definitely worth giving it a go.

Best Purchasable Rocket League Car – Batmobile

Best Rocket League Car
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Batmobile Rocket League Car

Who doesn’t love the Batmobile? Even if you’re not a Batman fan, you know it’s a sweet car. It comes in three variants in Rocket League, with the ’16 Batmobile being the most effective to use. It is actually used quite a lot, in a similar way to the Dominus. It is a long and low car and looks incredible. With is futuristic build it glides through the air with style. It’s very effective in aerial duels and redirects can be insane from this vehicle. It is our recommendation if you were to buy a vehicle on Rocket League.

Image via Psyonix

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