8 Best Meta Quest 2 Games In 2022

8 Best Meta Quest 2 Games In 2022
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1st Jun 2022 15:07

These best Meta Quest 2 games - also known as the best Oculus Quest 2 games, if you're going by the name of the headset before the rebrand - are exactly what you need to get the most from your VR headset. As explained in our Meta Quest 2 review, this is the best virtual reality experience for your money right now. So if you're wondering what to play, find out with our list of the best Meta Quest 2 games in 2022. Note that these entries aren't in any particular order, as each one offers something wholly unique to the VR experience.

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Beat Saber

Best Meta Quest 2 games: Beat Saber
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Rhythm games have fallen off somewhat since the departure of Guitar Hero, yet somehow, Beat Saber feels like the game that every rhythm game before it was trying to be. Merging simple design with the glee of swinging lightsabers around and entering a quasi-entranced state makes the game infectious like few others, and as far as playing games that keep you active go, this is perhaps one of the best workouts that gaming has to offer.

With a soundtrack of thumping electronica paired with the chugging riffs of its metal offshoots, the novelty of swinging your sabers around simply doesn't wear off, and Beat Saber is far and away one of the most iconic VR games out there - and for very good reason.

Half-Life Alyx

Best Meta Quest 2 games: Half-Life Alyx
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We may still be waiting for Half-Life 3, but Half-Life Alyx is certainly a worthy entry into the prestigious franchise. This is one game where you'll need to hook your Quest 2 up to a suitable gaming PC, but what you get in return is a game that revolutionises the VR world, much like other games in the franchise did for FPS gaming at the time.

It's got a gripping narrative filled with phenomenal puzzles, physics, and shooting mechanics. So much so, you'll often be compelled to put progression on hold to play with the various props and objects instead. The first six hours or so has you mainly fighting through claustrophobic, grimy sewers, but when you reach the second half of the game, it opens up enormously, introducing you to wider environments and enemy types above ground. Half-Life Alyx pushes VR to the limit, and it'll be a long time before something is as technologically impressive.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Best Meta Quest 2 games: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
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Zombies just make sense in the world of virtual reality, allowing you a more up close and personal feel with the horrors of the undead. It's no surprise then that The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is one of the premiere VR experiences and an incredible survival horror. It sees you travelling through a zombie-infested New Orleans on the hunt for a legendary pre-apocalypse bunker while contesting with rivalling factions, the undead, and your own environment.

The motion control is handled really well and immerses you quickly into the world of a survivor, as you'll need to specifically puncture the brain of any zombies approaching you and getting bitten when they come too close leads to a quick death. The permadeath mechanics also add a lot to the survival element, as you can quickly lose all of your crafting materials if you don't travel back to the point of death.



Best Meta Quest 2 games: Gorn
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Whenever parents panicked about the future of violent video games, it was probably something like GORN that they were envisioning. And now we're in that future of virtual reality where our every hand motion translates into in-game action, and thanks to games like GORN, it's brilliant.

GORN is a round-based gladiator combat game that will see you getting frighteningly creative with how you can deal death with just your two hands and a selection of weapons. Every fight will see you take part in a series of waves before leading up to a boss fight, but taking one hit will see you quickly bleed out if you don't get a kill immediately after. It’s incredibly simple, but the over-the-top violence and feeling of becoming a warrior as you chaotically wave your hands around your living room is unrivalled.

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Resident Evil 4

Best Meta Quest 2 games: Resident Evil 4 VR
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Continuing Capcom's legacy of making 2005's Resident Evil 4 the most ported game of all time, the shuffling shooter comes to a whole new medium in virtual reality. Punching Ramon Salazar in the face has always been a tempting prospect, but now you can, thanks to Armature Studio and the Oculus Quest.

Although Resident Evil 4 never quite hits the pants-wettingly terrifying experience of Resident Evil 7 claiming the title of being the scariest VR game of all time, there are still plenty of jump scares to be had - even all these years after Leon S. Kennedy first stepped into rural Spain.

Instead of opting for the standard setup, we tried out the more challenging Immersive settings. Blasting a Las Plagas-infected villager in the face when you drop your ammo or forget where on your body the knife is only makes for a more pulse-pounding experience. While Resident Evil 4 in VR only has us pining more for the long-rumoured Capcom remake, the Resiverse is all the better for finding a new way to play what is easily the best game in the franchise's frightening history.

The Climb 2

Best Meta Quest 2 games: The Climb 2
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There are plenty of VR games that would work without the immersive headset, but The Climb 2 is one title that was simply made for virtual reality. Much like Beat Saber, this can quickly become a full-scale workout as you dangle on a cliff face above a huge ravine, while birds circle above you. While the surrounding vistas look gorgeous, your focus will solely be on picking the right path to ascend the mountain without falling to your death… and by death, we mean your quick respawn to the last checkpoint.

Each climb is timed, so if you're gunning for gold, you can retry the same level over and over. You'll need to manage your grip strength with the Quest 2 triggers - a half press will allow you to lightly hang on while pushing them all the way down burns your stamina - and you can swing and jump to ledges further away.

Superhot VR

Best Meta Quest 2 games: Superhot VR
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There may not be a Matrix VR game yet, but Superhot VR certainly makes a good case for one to be developed as soon as possible. While the base Superhot game is an outstanding fourth-wall breaking shooter that is essentially more of a puzzle game, in VR it turns into a high-adrenaline first-person experience.

Time only moves when you do, and there are numerous enemies shooting at you, charging with melee weapons, and generally trying to end your life. One hit and you're dead, so you need to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way past bullets, fists, and thrown objects. This is a VR game where you'll need plenty of playing space as you step towards foes and start swinging, before the narrative eventually twists into something a little creepier.

Vader Immortal

Best Meta Quest 2 games: Vader Immortal
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If you often dream of swinging a lightsaber round and becoming the Jedi you were always meant to be, Vader Immortal is the game for you. We say "game" - it's actually only around 90 minutes long, so it's more a proof of concept, but it is by far the best thing that truly mimics what it's like to have your own lightsaber.

It's one of the best ways to introduce someone to VR for the first time and while the episodic, narrative-based nature is nothing special, it's the lightsaber physics and duelling that make it a true winner. If being immersed in Star Wars is your dream, this is the way to do it.

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