Best HDD Black Friday Deals 2022

Best HDD Black Friday Deals 2022
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Amelia-Eve Warden


23rd Nov 2022 17:53

With the rise in new games launching this year, gamers are always in need of new hard drives that can hold high storage that is equally affordable. Check out our guide to the latest Black Friday deals that show some of the best HDDs for uber-cheap prices.

Best HDD Black Friday Deals 2022


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Available in 12 different sizes, the Seagate BarraCuda HDD holds up to 4TB of games, movies and music that is all protected by Seagate’s Secure Data Protection.

As one of the highest-ranked hard drive brands out there, the go-to SATA hard drive has been crafted for over 20 years’ worth of innovation.

With a max sustained transfer rate being 190MBs, the BarraCuda is the perfect hard drive for pro and amateur gamers that are looking to extend their gaming collection, or simply to just make space for new games.

The Seagate BarraCuda 4TD HDD is now available on Amazon, at $67.99, a 24% Black Friday discount.


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The 3.5-inch internal hard drive is specifically crafted for all your gaming storage needs. Starting with 500GB and up to 10TB hard drive capabilities, the WD_BLACK Gaming HDD is specifically designed with gamers, system builders, and creative professionals in mind.

Using Western Digital’s StableTrac and Dynamic Cache technology allows the drive to increase reliability and optimise performance perfectly.

Delivering high-speed transfers and read rates with impressive cache sizes of up to 256MB of DRAM, this HDD is a drive you can rely on.

Compatible with PC and Xbox One, and with a 5-year warranty, the WD_BLACK has undergone aggressive testing to ensure it works seamlessly under high performance.

The WD_BLACK 3.5 Gaming 6TB card is available now on Amazon at $129.99, the lowest price in 30 days with a 32% Black Friday discount.


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The WD Blue is available in 5 different sizes all offering dramatic discounts this Black Friday. The biggest storage coming in at 6TB 5400RPM, the WD Blue is purposefully built for productivity, and perfect for gamers and creative professionals that need large storage drives that are being used daily.

The internal hard drive delivers dependable performance for your everyday and gaming needs, alongside no-touch ramp load technology, which means when you carry the drive from one location to another the drive is fully protected from any wear and tear.

The WD Blue has been tested on hundreds of PCs and prides itself on being compatible with most if not all.

The WD Blue HDD is available now on Amazon, at $89.99, the lowest price in 30 days with a 51% Black Friday discount.

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