Best Back 4 Blood Cards

Best Back 4 Blood Cards
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The best Back 4 Blood cards completely change the game when used in the right fashion, because this game can be difficult. The spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2 pulls no punches when it comes to the difficulty, so knowing which cards to choose in Back 4 Blood is essential. All of the best Back 4 Blood characters have their own abilities and perks, but the best Back 4 Blood cards are where the runs are really won. 

Best Back 4 Blood Cards List

Here are the top 10 best cards in Back 4 Blood, across a variety of different types, which can help give you a varied deck that can be the difference-maker between completing a mission and failing it.

  • Breakout - Utility Card
  • Inspiring Sacrifice - Defense Card
  • Cross Trainers - Mobility Card
  • Two Is One And One Is None - Offense Card
  • Marked For Death - Utility Card
  • Ridden Slayer - Offense Card
  • Superior Cardio - Mobility Card
  • Charitable Soul - Defense Card 
  • Antibiotic Ointment - Defense Card
  • Patient Hunter - Offense Card 

Here is a breakdown of each card, its benefits, and why you should add it to your deck.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Breakout (Utility)

Back 4 Blood Breakout Card
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Breakout is one of the most useful cards in Back 4 Blood and one that you should certainly place in your first five draws at the start of a run. The card is unlocked in the Knuckle House supply line (more on those in our Back 4 Blood supply lines guide), which you should be able to gain access to by Act 2. Most Mutation enemies are able to grab or immobilize you in some way, which either sees you take an extreme amount of damage from the Mutation, or leaves you an open target for hordes of Ridden. You can escape from these by having your teammates either free you or eliminate the enemy. However, if all of your teammates are immobilized or eliminated at the same time then the round is over. Breakout helps negate that by giving you the ability to free yourself, which can drastically reduce the amount of damage you take, as well as help to prevent you from being swarmed by hordes of Ridden.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Inspiring Sacrifice (Defense)

Back 4 Blood Inspiring Sacrifice Card
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Inspiring Sacrifice can be the difference maker between success and failure. The card heals the whole team when someone is incapacitated, which can come in really handy. Typically when someone is downed it is during a difficult part of a mission, such as when a horde of Mutations appear or you have to defeat an Ogre or similar boss-type enemy. By granting the rest of the team extra health, it could be the difference between them surviving to revive the team and continuing on with the mission, or even ending the entire run and losing all of your upgrades and cards as you're forced to start from scratch.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Cross Trainers (Mobility)

Back 4 Blood Cross Trainers Card
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Cross Trainers is a card that is easy to overlook, but if you use it you will immediately notice the benefit it gives. The card increases your character's stamina by 20%, as well as increase the rate your stamina regenerates by 20% which should be enough that you don't need to use any more stamina boosts and can instead focus on using other cards on this list to become an unstoppable Ridden killing machine.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Two Is One And One Is None (Offense)

Back 4 Blood Two is One and One is None Card
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Have you found yourself in a position while playing Back 4 Blood where you have a really great Primary weapon, such as an upgraded Assault Rifle, but then you see another great weapon that could come in handy, such as a Shotgun, but you know you can't give up your Assault Rifle? Well, now you can have both with the Two Is One And One Is None card. At the expense of a slower swap speed, the card allows the player to use two of the best Back 4 Blood weapons as a primary instead of a sidearm. This allows for a much more powerful loadout that can open a lot of possibilities when it comes to what weapon choices you can make. 

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Marked For Death (Utility)

Back 4 Blood Marked for Death Card
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This one can come in useful, especially during boss battles and any of the final Chapters of an Act, which are typically the most difficult missions in the game. By pinging a Mutation, the entire team deals 10% extra damage, which can really help to deplete their health quickly. Marked For Death really comes in handy during missions such as Grave Danger, which is the final mission of Act 2. During this mission, you have to take our two Breaker boss enemies, as well as a horde of Mutations and Ridden. By pinging them, it really helps make things easier. Here is a quick tip for this mission if you're struggling, get inside the church, the Mutations seem to struggle to get inside although they can, which means that you can stand in relative safety and take them down. There is also a first aid box on the wall that can provide a much-needed health boost.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Ridden Slayer (Offense)

Back 4 Blood Ridden Slayer Card
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All enemies in Back 4 Blood have a weak spot, for the Ridden this is the head. For Mutations, this is usually quite an obvious spot on their body that is a different colour to the rest of them. Ridden Slayer gives you a massive 20% boost in weakspot damage, which can really help take down hordes of Ridden and Mutations quickly, especially if combined with other cards that help increase damage.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Superior Cardio (Mobility)

Back 4 Blood Superior Cardio Card
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The regular movement speed in Back 4 Blood is fairly slow, so you will find yourself using Sprint quite often to move around quicker, and it can come in handy for creating some distance between you and a horde of Ridden. Unfortunately, your Sprint bar depletes quickly and does take a long time to fully recharge. Superior Cardio is an essential card as it gives a 20% increase in efficiency, which means it takes 20% longer to use all your Sprint, as well as boosting your overall stamina amount by 20%, which helps when traversing areas much quicker. The card also gives a small, but most welcomed, health increase.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Charitable Soul (Defense)

Back 4 Blood Charitable Soul Card
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Charitable Soul is a great card because it adds an extra benefit to healing a teammate in that it also heals you. The card will heal you for 50% of the health that you health your teammate for, which can vary depending on if you're using a Bandage or First Aid Kit. This really helps to get extra mileage out of your healing items as when you're going to heal yourself, you can choose to heal a teammate as well, which will really help your chances of being able to finish a difficult mission. This is an essential card that should be in every deck.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Antibiotic Ointment (Defense)

Back 4 Blood Antibiotic Ointment Card
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As well as giving a small health boost, Antibiotic Ointment also increases the amount of health that a healing item will give by 20%, making it a great card to use as you will have access to it early in the game. When combined with cards such as Charitable Soul, it can really improve the effectiveness of healing items and is a great card if you're playing a healer role with a character such as Doc. If you haven't got her yet, check out our guide on how to unlock characters in Back 4 Blood.

Best Back 4 Blood Cards: Patient Hunter (Offense)

Back 4 Blood Patient Hunter Card
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There are plenty of great Offense Cards in Back 4 Blood that deserve a place in your deck, but this is definitely the pick of the bunch. Patient Hunter increases your ADS damage by up to 30%, which is great for fighting difficult Mutations such as Tallboys, as well as boss enemies such as Ogres and Breakers. If you've followed this list to create your deck, you will also have Marked For Death, which deals an extra 10% damage to pinged enemies, as well as Ridden Slayer which increases weakspot damage by 20%. When all of these are combined together, you will become a zombie-slaying machine that will be fairly unstoppable. If you're attempting to complete the game on the higher difficulties, we really recommend combining these three cards, or similar ones, to give you the best chances at taking down the most difficult enemies in the game.

Now you know all of the best Back 4 Blood cards, make sure you check out our general Back 4 Blood tips.


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