Who Is The Best Apex Legends Character?

Who Is The Best Apex Legends Character?

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Katie Memmott


27th Sep 2020 17:30

Apex Legends has been a staple game within the Battle Royale genre since its release in February 2019, boasts a player base of 70 million worldwide, two maps, and a whole host of Legends to choose from.

Whether you’re taking on Kings Canyon as soldier Bangalore, mad scientist Caustic, or wise-cracking duping Mirage, you must have your favourite character to play as, or “main”, and it just might be the statistically “best Apex Legends character”. The numbers don’t lie, and all of the stats (across all platforms and regions) suggest that, you guessed it, the interdimensional skirmisher Wraith is #1.

Most pro players main Wraith, including aceu, gdolphn, RogueSweet, and more, and she consistently tops Apex Legends tier lists, as well as being GGRecon’s must-have pick for your team in Apex Ranked mode.

Aside from the TTV gamer tags, constant use of the Wingman, and leaving the match as soon as they get downed memes, it’s hard to argue with the fact that, again, statistically, she is the strongest and most popular pick of the varied bunch.

Best Apex Legends Character
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What Makes Wraith The Best Apex Legends Character?

There are a multitude of things that make Wraith the best choice for your Apex Legends main, and where better to begin than with some good old statistics? It’s not to say that everything that is popular must be good (just look at Nickelback), however, the stats do speak for themselves when it comes to pick-rate and kills per minute.

Tracker.gg provides the latest stats on Apex Legends characters usage, and, unsurprisingly, Wraith was the at the top, followed shortly by Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Lifeline. What is also interesting are the numbers on KPM (kills per minute) that tracker.gg have recorded, which, again, puts Wraith at the top with a sweaty 2.8.

Best Apex Legends Character
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Image via tracker.gg

What is also interesting are the numbers on KPM (kills per minute) that tracker.gg have recorded, which, again, puts Wraith at the top with a sweaty 2.8 (damn, Crypto, you okay bro?).

Best Apex Legends Character
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Image via tracker.gg

So now we’ve proven mathematically that she is the most popular – let’s go into why.

We all know this, but movement is the most critical part of Apex Legends, and any Battle Royale for that matter. Rotating to avoid getting burned by the ring, and keeping high-ground, or simply finding a better position is everything, and Wraith can help turn the tide of a bad match dramatically.

Not only does her Passive alert you to the fact that your “safe place” may not be that safe, by telling you that you’ve been spotted, or you’re being aimed at, her Tactical allows her to become invulnerable for a short period of time.

Into The Void isn’t just a quick getaway tool, it can also help you out in escaping the deadly ring, as you take no damage while in the void. Many pro players utilise her Tactical ability to dodge attacks, flank, and more.

Back to rotation, and Wraith’s Ultimate. Her Dimensional Rift portals allow her teammates (and, unfortunately, enemies), to quickly teleport from one location to the next, which can be useful in a number of ways.

Need to retreat? Place a portal. Want to third-party, but need to be able to transport yourselves back to a safe location? Portal. Teammates died and need to quickly zip in and grab their banners? Portal. It’s useable in almost any situation, and is one of the main reasons why Wraith is so often chosen.

Her hitbox can’t be ignored either, Wraith has the low-profile status, meaning she is harder to hit, but those bullets penetrate harder. Some don’t see this as an issue however, and still choose the mini Legend for the chance that she won’t be hit as easy.

Best Apex Legends Character
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Does the best apex legends player main Wraith?

Weirdly, no. The player with the “highest kills on all platforms” is TermK47, who mains combat medic Lifeline.

According to ranking site esportsearnings, the top three Apex players based on earnings (meaning tournament wins, mostly) are ImperialHal, Albralelie, and Reps, who are all on Team SoloMid, of course, do feature one Wraith main in ImperialHal.

However, moving only one place down the list, at number four, we find dizzy – one of the best Wraith mains in the biz. Two out of four ain’t bad.

Are there other contenders for Best Apex Legends Character?

Before his infamous nerf, everybody’s favourite robot Pathfinder was strong competition for Wraith, as was Mirage after his just-as-significant buff, but Wraith is a mainstay for pros and casual fans alike, buffs be damned. Lifeline is still a solid pick, not only for her D.O.C, but also her Care Packages, and invaluable reviving ability. As we all know, poor Wattson, Crypto, Loba, and Octane are severely lacking in the usefulness department, and hence don't get picked all too often. 


So there you have it, Wraith is officially the best Apex Legends character. Now go forth, void-walk, and make portals to your heart's content, safe in the knowledge that your main is the top pick.

Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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