Battlefield 2042 Angel: Abilities, Loadout, And Tips

Battlefield 2042 Angel: Abilities, Loadout, And Tips
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Aaron Bayne


17th Nov 2021 13:37

Battlefield 2042 Angel is the second support specialist after Falck and has a focus on ammo, armour, and loadouts. Battlefield 2042 features a slow health-regeneration system and limited ammo capacity, which makes Angel a very important Angel on the battlefield. To be sure you are keeping your team stocked up, here's our guide to the Battlefield 2042 Angel specialist, including his abilities, the loadout you should be using and some tips to help you out. 

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Battlefield 2042 Angel: Abilities 

A soldier named Angel stands with a rifle with his abilities listed on his left.
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The Battlefield 2042 Angel specialist features an ability that allows him to call in a loadout crate. This is about as simple as it sounds, allowing players to swap out their loadouts to those that were preset prior to the match. Loadouts cannot be edited from the loadout crate, but they can be edited once you have died. Once the loadout crate has landed, you will only be able to use it once, and will have to call in another crate to swap out once more. Calling in another Loadout Crate will destroy the previous one The Loadout Crate is just one of the functions of Angel's ability, as he is also able to drop ammo and armour crates to restock teammates. 

Alongside his ability, Angel benefits from the Trauma Specialist perk. Much like Falck, this allows Angel to revive teammates outside of his squad. Where Falck revives allies to full health, Angel revives them to have additional armour. 

Battlefield 2042 Angel: Loadout

An M5A3 assault rifle is shown in a loadout menu.
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Battlefield 2042 Angel can be a tricky one to pin down his exact loadout style, and it will really depend on how you as a player wish to play. The loadout crate means that you can start off with longer range weapons such as the DM7 or even SWS-10 sniper rifle, before moving down to something for more close-range combat, like the M5A3 assault rifle or PBX-45 SMGs. For your gadget, you have no need for ammo crates or amour plates and if you are going for the restocking playstyle, then smoke grenades act as a great form of cover. Equipping the C5 as well, will allow you to use those smoke grenades to get up close and personal with some unsuspecting tanks. 

Battlefield 2042 Angel: Tips

A loadout crate is dropped in a snowy landscape.
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Much like the medic class Battlefield 2042 Angel is a great specialist to use right in the midst of the action. With his ammo and armour crate and his ability to revive any teammate, he can be a highly valuable asset - especially when defending or pushing capture points to keep the pressure up. 

As mentioned in the loadout section of the guide, opting for a long-range weapon at the beginning of a match will allow you to get a few kills as the enemy makes their way to the objective. Once things are heating up at a centralised point, you can then switch out for an SMG or Assault Rifle loadout. However the loadout swap isn't just the focus of the primary weapon. It can also be used as a way to replenish your missiles or C5, which do not replenish with the ammo you can supply. 

Keeping your team armed and armoured up is a great points maker, but remember to use it on yourself, as the armour slot is an easy thing to miss. You only get three uses at a time, but each load back up relatively quickly. 

That's everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042 Angel. Want to get an overview of all Battlefield 2042 specialists, we've got you covered.


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