How To Get Battle Stars Fast In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7

How To Get Battle Stars Fast In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7

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Coleman Hamstead


14th Jun 2021 06:54

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 has a brand-new Battle Pass system. Instead of earning rewards linearly, players can handpick which Battle Pass rewards they wish to unlock. There are some restrictions, but in general, players have more freedom of choice than ever before.

The currency used to unlock each Battle Pass reward is Battle Stars. Each reward in the Battle Pass costs a set amount of Battle Stars to unlock. Skins cost the most, while rewards like Loading Screens are relatively cheap.

What Are Battle Stars In Fortnite?

Battle Stars are acquired through earning XP and levelling up. This comes naturally as you play, but there are ways to expedite the process. 

This guide will run readers through the best methods of earning XP, obtaining Battle Stars, and speedrunning through the Battle Pass.


Play Public Matches

The most direct way to earn Battle Stars is from simply playing the game. Playing matches will earn you XP and, in turn, progress you toward unlocking more Battle Stars.

While playing matches with no strategy will work, there are ways to optimise your XP gains and unlock Battle stars more quickly. XP is awarded per match based on three categories: Kills, Survival, and Placement. The exact XP breakdown can be viewed below:

  • Kills: The first kill of the match nets 50 XP, and each subsequent kill awards 20 XP (capping at seven kills)
  • Survival: 17 XP per minute (capping at 14 minutes)
  • Placement: 
    • Top 20 - 25 XP
    • Top 10 - 100 XP
    • Victory Royale - 300 XP

Survival and placement are the most reliable methods of earning XP through matches. Players can easily play things slow and earn hundreds of XP per match through just passively surviving. Placing in the top 20 or better will award bonus XP.

Hunting for Kill XP is very risk vs reward. The payoff can be huge, but dying early could set you back and slow your progress. If you reach seven kills in a match, it’s time to relax. Any further kills will provide zero XP. The maximum XP available in one match through kills is 170.

The ideal strategy for earning XP through matches is to play for survival and placement. These two categories provide guaranteed XP without any real risk. Just land in a secluded area of the map and avoid enemies. Confident players can feel free to hunt for kills, but be wary of the consequences.

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Complete Challenges/Quests

Completing Challenges/Quests is the absolute best way to earn XP and Battle Stars in Fortnite. Each Weekly Challenge grants a minimum of 30,000 XP, and completing all Epic and Legendary Challenges should net you a total of 375,000 XP per week at least. Try to not skip any of these challenges if possible. The XP and Battle Stars gained is worth completing each and every one.

Some of these challenges are relatively easy, while others may require a bit of planning. Fortunately, we prepare a Challenge Guide each week to walk our readers through every Epic and Legendary Challenge. Feel free to use our guides to breeze through these quests as you collect up bundles of Battle Stars.

Don’t forget Daily Challenges! Each day players will receive a random set of Daily Challenges. Completing these will earn you even more XP and Battle Stars. Daily Challenges are unique in that it’s perfectly okay to skip them sometimes. In fact, it’s even encouraged.

When you miss a day’s worth of Daily Challenges, your account will be granted Supercharged status. While Supercharged, the player will earn bonus XP during standard gameplay and while completing quests. Supercharged XP was designed as a catch-up mechanic for players that may not be able to log in every single day. Take advantage of Daily Challenges and Supercharged XP to earn Battle Stars even faster.

Play Creative Mode

Players can earn extra XP and Battle Stars through Creative Mode. This is separate from the XP and Battle Stars earned through standard public matches.

Every 15 minutes played in Creative Mode awards 25,200 XP. This continues up to 75 minutes for a total of 126,000 XP. So, spending an hour and 15 minutes a day in Creative Mode will maximise your XP and Battle Star gains.

The best part is, you don’t even have to actively play to earn this XP. Players can enter Creative Mode, put their controller down and still earn this free daily XP.

Go make yourself some dinner, do some homework, or take a shower. When you come back, you’ll have gained a ton of XP and Battle Stars with zero effort.

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Collect XP Coins

It’s not guaranteed, but Epic Games has a history of adding XP Coins to the game about halfway through a season. A series of XP Coins are placed randomly around the island each week. The coins come in different colours and give different XP awards and behave differently based on their colour. The last time XP Coins were made available; it was possible to collect up to 74,500 XP each week from these coins alone. 

Be on the lookout for XP Coins around Week 7 or 8 of the season. These XP Coins will offer an amazing opportunity to boost your XP and collect more Battle Stars.

Party-Up With Friends

Partying up with friends is another way to earn some extra XP and Battle Stars. Players in parties with their friends are granted an XP multiplier. This bonus XP can add up and gives players an incentive to socialise.

Outside of the XP multiplier, earning XP and Battle Stars is just easier with a group of friends. Plus, there are some challenges that literally can't be completed without help. For example, it's impossible to open a Cosmic Chest in Solos.

Grab a few friends and work together to amplify your XP and Battle Star gains.

Battle Stars are back in Chapter 2 - Season 7 and more desirable than ever. Battle Stars allow players to hand choose which Battle Pass rewards they want and in which order. Use the strategies above to maximise your Battle Star gains on the way to unlocking Season 7’s iconic cosmetics like Rick Sanchez and Superman.

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