Battle Crush: Release window, platforms, trailer & everything we know

Battle Crush: Release window, platforms, trailer & everything we know
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Amy Eastland


14th Sep 2023 16:00

A brand new PvP-style game is entering the ring titled Battle Crush, where you get to battle players using characters inspired by mythological figures in top-down strategic battles.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, make sure to keep reading for more details on Battle Crush, a game developed by NCSOFT.

Battle Crush Release Window

Battle Crush map with players on
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So far, there isn’t a set-in-stone release date for Battle Crush. However, the game is slated to release in Spring 2024. This can be subject to change depending on how development is going, and it can either be brought forward or pushed back. We will update this guide with information once we know more about the release date for it.

Battle Crush platforms

Battle Crush water character
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Battle Crush is set to be released on three platforms when the game does come out. So far, the game is slated for release on Steam, Google Play and Nintendo Switch, giving players a variety of platforms to play on depending on what suits them. 

Battle Crush trailer

So far, there is one trailer that is out right now for Battle Crush. The trailer shows off the beautiful maps that players will get to battle on, as well as some of the characters you will get to pick and play as. It also showcases the abilities of some of the characters, as well as some of the gameplay aspects in this game, such as looting from chests and getting into battles with enemy players.

Battle Crush gameplay details

Autumnal map in Battle Crush
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Each match of Battle Crush will have up to 30 players, where every round is quick-fire and action-packed, and no round should last longer than eight minutes. You get to choose the character you play as, and beat other players using a wide variety of abilities and try to come out on top. The heroes in this game are called “Calixers”, characters that have been chosen by the gods and are inspired by mythology. 

There will be an in-game Battle Pass for players to climb the ranks and get rewards from, such as various cosmetics and customisation. For the achievement hunters out there, there will be plenty of achievements and progression to focus on whilst you duke it out in Battle Crush. 

That’s everything we know so far about Battle Crush. For more guides like this, check out everything we know so far about Alone in the Dark.

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