Best Back 4 Blood Weapons And Guns

Best Back 4 Blood Weapons And Guns
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12th Oct 2021 10:31

With waves of infected Ridden standing in your way, finding the best Back 4 Blood weapons to equip your cleaner team with is vital to a successful run. While almost every weapon on offer in Back 4 Blood is viable with the right build, here’s our list of the best Back 4 Blood weapons of each type. While you're at it, make sure you check out our top Back 4 Blood tips to help you overcome the steep learning curve of veteran difficulty.

Best Back 4 Blood Assault Rifle: AK47

Best Assault Rifle: AK47
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With decent damage, mobility, and range, the assault rifles in Back 4 Blood offer a little bit of everything and can be used in most situations. A reliable and easy-to-use gun that's popular the world over, the AK47 is no different here. Offering the highest firepower of all the full-auto assault rifles, coupled with the joint highest range, the AK47 is able to dish out reliable damage at most ranges. Being full-auto, the AK47 can easily deal with hordes of standard infected but the high DPS also means that it can dish out some damage to the mutations. The main drawback of the AK47 is its magazine size, holding only 20 bullets by default, so an extended mag or cards to speed up your reload go a long way. 

An honourable mention here must also go to the M4 Carbine. While it offers less damage than the AK47, the larger magazine and increased mobility can really come in handy.

Best Back 4 Blood Shotgun: AA12 

Best Shotgun: AA12
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As a shotgun user in Back 4 Blood, you are going to be on the front line facing the hordes of Ridden head-on. Your role is either to clear out whole hordes quickly or to take out mutations. In either situation, there’s no better gun to have in your hands than the AA12. A fully automatic shotgun with the highest DPS in the game, the AA12 is able to dispatch whole groups of Ridden in a single magazine as well as output huge damage quickly, especially if you build bullet penetration into your deck. With a full damage build, the AA12 is capable of eliminating even the larger mutations in seconds. An extended mag and reload speed cards make this gun even better, as does using one of the best Back 4 Blood characters.

Best Back 4 Blood SMG: MP5

Best SMG: MP5
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The run and gun weapons in Back 4 Blood, the SMGs offer the highest mobility of any weapon class. Best suited if you want to keep moving while unloading bullets from the hip. The MP5 really shines up close and on the move, with the joint highest in class mobility, the MP5 excels at this role. However, the respectable range and easily predictable recoil pattern of the MP5 means that you can use the gun even at a distance. This makes the gun a solid all-rounder that’s not limited to just spray and pray, but with that being said, if spraying is your style then the large magazine and accurate hip fire spread make the MP5 a must pick.

Best Back 4 Blood LMG: M249

Best LMG: M249
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With 80 bullets in a magazine by default (120 with an extended mag), the M249 is the gun for people who hate reloading. While let down by its low damage, being able to unleash a hail of bullets makes the M249 one of the best anti-horde guns in the game - the large magazine size and high fire rate mean that you can keep firing until there’s no Ridden left. The main drawback of the other LMG, the RPK, is its low mobility stat. However, the M249 has a mobility stat comparable to some of the assault rifles meaning that you’re not going to be moving like a tonne of bricks.

Best Back 4 Blood Sniper Rifle: Barrett M95

Best Sniper Rifle: Barrett M95
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If you are carrying a sniper then you have one job: kill mutations. There is no gun better for this than the Barrett M95. With the highest single-shot damage of any gun, the Barrett is able to dispatch even the toughest mutated Ridden in just a few shots. Building raw damage and weak spot damage in your deck can make this gun a real mutation-killing monster, however, the low mobility and long reload time mean that you want to ensure you are well-positioned when using this gun. You’ll also want to ensure you have a decent sidearm equipped should the Ridden get too close.

Best Back 4 Blood Sidearm: Tec 9

Best Sidearm: Tec 9
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Fully automatic, accurate, and with a mag size comparable to some primaries, the Tec 9 is like having a pocket SMG in your secondary slot. Despite its low damage, the Tec 9 is the most reliable secondary in the game and can be used as your main gun through the majority of your run making it by far the best secondary to have if you are using a sniper or shotgun. 

An honourable mention here must go to the Desert Eagle. Able to kill most common Ridden in a single bullet, the Deagle can be a really fun headshot machine to run with. However, using sniper ammo means that its usefulness is limited.

Best Back 4 Blood Melee Weapon: Machete

Best Melee Weapon: Machete
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Able to slice through hordes of the infected due to its wide swing, the machete is not only one of the most effective melee weapons to use, but it’s also one of the most satisfying. You’ll be covered in blood and guts after every fight, but using a machete will save precious ammo for your whole team. While you’ll want to build your deck for melee damage, stamina, and damage resistance to really get the most out of melee, relying on a melee weapon can save ammo for when it’s really needed. 

If you are looking to deal a bit more damage and focus on the mutated Ridden, then go for the Fire Axe instead. Offering far more damage, but an overhead swing, the Fire Axe is best used on single targets. 

Back 4 Blood features a slew of useful Ridden dispatching weapons to kit your arsenal with but with our top picks for each weapon class, focusing your deck around a specific weapon type can really help maximise your effectiveness in combat. Picking the best Back 4 Blood weapon in will help you survive the swarms of infected coming your way. 

Check out our guide on the Back 4 Blood supply lines if you're unsure how they work, along with everything you need to know on how to unlock characters in Back 4 Blood.


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