Back 4 Blood Supply Lines Explained

Back 4 Blood Supply Lines Explained
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5th Oct 2021 21:32

Back 4 Blood Supply Lines is a new and interesting gameplay system within the upcoming zombie co-op shooter. Almost 12 years on from its spiritual predecessor, Left 4 Dead 2Back 4 Blood innovates in a number of ways, with the Supply Lines mechanic being one of them. Back 4 Blood Supply Lines offer players a method to customise and progress their gameplay experience in their own distinctive way, unlocking cards to use in decks along with cosmetics for characters. Make sure you also read our top Back 4 Blood tips while you're at it.

Back 4 Blood Supply Lines: What Are Supply Lines?

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Back 4 Blood Supply Lines is the system used to reward players for their efforts in Back 4 Blood. Supply Lines work sort of like a Battle Pass, unlocking progressively on a track. Each Supply Line is unique with a series of eight unlockable rewards. These rewards include cards, Cleaner skins, and other cosmetic items.

Back 4 Blood Supply Lines: How Do Supply Lines Work?

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Completing the Back 4 Blood campaign and Swarm levels, along with the various challenges assigned to you in each run, will net you Supply Points. 

Back 4 Blood players can then spend their Supply Points on Supply Lines. In the Fort Hope hub area, there is a woman sitting at a picnic table who offers Supply Line services. Speaking with this woman will allow players to access their Supply Line progression.

In Back 4 Blood, players cannot individually select which rewards they want to unlock with their Supply Points. That is what Supply Lines are for. Each Supply Line contains a series of unique rewards. Unlocking rewards in a Supply Line becomes increasingly more expensive with each purchase in a sequence. Once a player unlocks the eighth and final reward in a Supply Line, a new Supply Line will take its place.

After completing the starter Supply Line, players are free to pick and choose from an array of different Supply Lines and determine which subsequent Supply Line to progress. Starting a Supply Line does not lock you into that select Supply Line permanently; you can go back and forth progressing different Supply Lines as they see fit.

Back 4 Blood players cannot purchase Supply Points and Supply Line progress with real money, thankfully it's all in-game progression. The same goes for how to unlock characters in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Supply Lines List

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Back 4 Blood will launch with an extensive list of Supply Line options. The Back 4 Blood beta alone included over 20 Supply Lines to progress through. The full version of the game will certainly add more Supply Lines over time.

The list of confirmed Back 4 Blood Supply Lines is as follows:

  • The Stilts
  • Paul's Alley
  • The Clinic
  • The Crow's Nest
  • The Stilts
  • The Furnace
  • Bridge Town
  • Fort Hope
  • Grant's Brew House
  • Knuckle House
  • Paul's Alley (2)
  • The Clinic (2)
  • The Crow's Nest (2)
  • The Stilts (2)
  • The Furnace (2)
  • Bridge Town (2)
  • Fort Hope (2)
  • Grant's Brew House (2)
  • Knuckle House (2)
  • Paul's Alley (3)
  • The Clinic (3)
  • The Crow's Nest (3)

There are ten base Supply Lines with a few of the Supply Lines having a second or even a third series to progress through. Players will start with a tiny selection of Supply Lines to use their Supply Points towards. Every time a player finishes a Supply Line, a new one will become available.

Some of the rewards included within these Supply Lines can be guessed based on the Supply Lines’ given name. For example, The Clinic Supply Line rewards healing/support-based cards and cosmetic accessories.

Now you know everything there is to know about Back 4 Blood Supply Lines, make sure you check out some of our other guides like the best Back 4 Blood weapons and best Back 4 Blood characters.


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