Atlas Fallen: Release date, trailers, gameplay, & more

Atlas Fallen: Release date, trailers, gameplay, & more
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Dave McAdam


10th Mar 2023 10:07

Atlas Fallen is the upcoming action RPG from Deck13, creators of The Surge and Lords of the Fallen. Atlas Fallen is a new game and a new world, and looks to do some different things from the developer's previous games. Here is everything we know so far about Atlas Fallen.

Atlas Fallen release date

Atlas Fallen release hub: The player character leaps through the air ahead of a city in the desert
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Since its announcement at Gamescom 2022, fans who liked the look of the game have had to wait patiently for more information. However, those fans will not have to wait too long to get their hands on the game.

Atlas Fallen already has a release date, set for 16 May 2023. Whether there will be any kind of demo or beta of any kind ahead of time is unknown, so if nothing else, we can at least expect to play the game on the release date in May.

Atlas Fallen trailers

The first (and thus far only) trailer for Atlus Fallen was the release trailer shown at Gamescom 2022. The trailer was largely cinematic, setting up the world and lore of the game. At the very end, we got snippets of gameplay, with a taste of both combat and traversal.

Atlas Fallen gameplay

Atlas Fallen release hub: Two players fighting against a group of monsters
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As mentioned, we are yet to get an in-depth look at how Atlas Fallen plays. From descriptions, advertising, and the snippet at the end of the trailer, we can glean some kind of idea of what the game is like.

First of all, coming from the developer of The Surge and Lords of the Fallen, the combat appears in a similar vein. Big weapons and bigger hits, to the point that the game seems to resemble Monster Hunter more than anything. The game will have you hunting large monsters using shape-shifting weapons.

The player character can create weapons from sand, hence why their weapons are so varied and magical. They can also use the sand to move quickly across the desert, as although the game is not strictly open-world, it does feature large areas for players to explore.

All this fighting and exploring does not have to be done alone, however. Atlas Fallen is fully cooperative, players can play the entire game solo or with a friend.

Atlas Fallen platforms

Atlas Fallen release hub: the player running from a tentacle monster that is firing lasers
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Atlas Fallen is launching on three platforms when it hits shelves in May. Those platforms are PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series S and X consoles. There has been no mention of a PS4 or Xbox One version of the game, which seems unlikely to happen now.