Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip: Abilities And How To Upgrade

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip: Abilities And How To Upgrade
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11th Mar 2022 17:40

The Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip is the latest Viking/assassin enhancing device that gives players more powers and skills to play around with. Thanks to the new Assassin's Creed expansion, there are more enemies and dangers that the players are ill-equipped to go up against. That's where the Hugr-Rip comes in. But what exactly does the Hugr-Rip offer? However, many powers can you unlock, and how do you upgrade the Hugr-Rip? We've got all the answers with our guide on the Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip, including powers and upgrading. 

  • Haven't got the Hugr-Rip yet? You'll need to head over to our guide on how to start Dawn of Ragnarok, as this device is gifted in the opening missions. 

Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip Explained

Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip: The Hugr-Rip
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The Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip is a device that allows players to take the powers from fallen Muspels and Frost Giants. It is fueled by Hugr, which you can collect from glowing blue Hugr plants, fallen Muspels and Frost Giants, and Hugr Trees, which will fill your metre at the cost of health. The Hugr-Rip will be used to aid traversal, stealth, and combat, and can be especially useful in those higher difficulty areas. 

Dawn Of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip Abilities

Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip: A white raven
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The Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip offers up five power abilities, however, only two are equipable at any one time. Each ability used will consume one bar of Hugr, and Hugr bars can be extended as you upgrade the device. To pick up the powers, just approach fallen foes and you will notice a symbol representing any one of the powers. You will see a prompt that will then allow you to adopt that ability, and assign it to one of the two spots. 

The powers on offer are as follows: 

  • Power of the Raven - shapeshift into a Raven to reach high surfaces. 
  • Power of Muspelheim - lava and fire don't inflict damage and can be walked upon. You are disguised as a Muspel
  • Power of Rebirth - weapons are set ablaze and ignite enemies, and defeated enemies are resurrected to fight on your side. 
  • Power of Winter - Deal an additional 30% damage on Muspel Giants, and attacking enemies eventually freezes them, allowing you to shatter them. 
  • Power of Jotunheim - with your bow you can teleport to World Knots. You are disguised as a Giant. 

Dawn Of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip: How To Upgrade

Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip: Hugr-Rip Menu
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To make the Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip even better, it can be upgraded. However, you are first going to need to learn how to earn Dawn of Ragnarok Silica, as it is the primary resource you will need for each and every upgrade. Additional resources required are Jotun Siedr and Frozen Blood which are looted from Jotun, Giant Feathers from Giant Ravens, and Magma Blood and Living Spark from Muspels. 

Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip: The blacksmith
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With all the materials you need, head to the Hugr-Rip tab in your menu. From here you will have an overview of your powers, with each having the option of two upgrades. However, you will have to visit a blacksmith at any of the Shelters to actually apply these upgrades. The upgrades for each ability are: 

  • Power of the Raven
    • Increased duration
    • Air-assassinate while active
  • Power of Muspelheim
    • Increased duration
    • Explosive heavy attack
  • Power of Rebirth
    • 20% damage decrease, enemies can't interrupt attacks
    • Dead bodies within 10 metres immediately join the fight
  • Power of Winter
    • Damage increase, and enemies freeze faster
    • Frost explosion from shattered enemies
  • Power of Jotunheim
    • Enemies become teleport targets
    • Undetected assassinations extend power when in disguise. 

It is relatively feasible to make your way through each of the upgrades. For a run down to unlock each you will need 50 Silica and 40 of each of the other resources. 

That's everything you need to know about the Dawn of Ragnarok Hugr-Rip. If you are on the hunt for the needed resources, maybe check out our Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hreidmar's armour guide, so you are well prepared for a fight.


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