The Ultimate Guide For The Volt SMG In Apex Legends

The Ultimate Guide For The Volt SMG In Apex Legends

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Joey Carr


8th Sep 2020 17:50

Season 6 of Apex Legends has finally released, and that means there are a whole plethora of new changes to experiment with. However, perhaps the most significant change this season is the addition of the Volt submachine gun. Coming from the Titanfall universe, the Volt is a high rate of fire, energy-based SMG that packs a real punch up close. Although, like with most submachine guns, the weapon falls off a bit at longer ranges. This hasn’t seemed to have deterred the community, however, as the Volt is extremely popular among players, and has even been deemed to be overpowered one day into Season 6. Let’s check out the weapon stats and see how you should use it in Apex Legends

How to use the Volt SMG in Apex Legends

To start, we need to understand the Volt as a weapon before diving into how to use it properly. The Volt SMG deals 16 damage to the body and 24 damage to the head. However, there is no damage dropoff, so these numbers will stay consistent no matter how close or far away you are from an enemy. Of course, shooting from a farther distance will mean you’ll notice more recoil, which occurs when shooting at an enemy around 25 metres away. The recoil for the Volt kicks up and to the left, but isn’t insanely difficult to manage as long as you don’t go full-automatic at an enemy 100 metres away. 

Similar to how the R-99 operates, you want to keep the Volt up close and personal in your engagements. The rate of fire on the weapon is outstanding, and you can mow through an enemy at close range like it’s nothing - assuming you hit all of your shots. However, this is made a little easier if you have an Extended Energy Mag, which was just added back to the Apex Legends loot pool in Season 6: Boosted. The base magazine of a Volt only holds 19 bullets, which isn’t great considering how fast the weapon shoots if you hold down the trigger.

Volt SMG Damage
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Clearly, picking up an Extended Energy Mag is vital. A level one mag will grant you two extra bullets, a level two gives you another two, and a level three grants you an increase of another three rounds. Hoarding as many shots as you can is necessary for maximum success with the Volt, so keep reminding your teammates that you need one if you’ve yet to pick it up in a match. 

As for the other attachments on the weapon, you can pick up a Barrel Stabiliser, Optic, and a Standard Stock. An optic is a matter of personal preference, but it is nice to have more clarity when aiming down sights. When fully kitted out with a max level Stock and Barrel Stabiliser, the Volt is a real menace in Apex Legends

In terms of how to use the Volt - keep everything up close. The weapon absolutely dominates the closer you get to an enemy, and even holds its own at medium range. For longer ranges, we recommend pairing the Volt with something like an R301, Flatline, or G7 Scout. This way, you can still manage at long range, but also won’t be out of luck if you run our bullets up close. Also, if you can manage to hit your shots and crack an enemy shield with the Volt - the R301 or Flatline should do a great job of finishing up the kill. 


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